Painters located in Westmount who improve the condition of your residential buildings

Since 1997, our painters in Westmount have offered high quality services for the painting of your exterior residential sidings.


A team of painters ready to face all types of challenges

No matter your residential project needs, our painters are equipped to paint a variety of exterior sidings : wall cladding, garages, sheds and much more. To obtain professional results, you can count on the certified painting experts at FinDécor!

We also offer painting services for the interior and exterior of your commercial buildings such as shopping malls, small businesses, daycares and other types of commercial buildings.

Our teams of painters in Westmount are considered the benchmark in residential exterior painting for all your needs! Change the color of your facade, from the cladding to the framing and more.

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Ready to modernize your building? So are we!

FinDécor has gathered more than 25 years of experience in industrial, commercial and residential painting. Trust the experts for professional results, trust FinDécor.

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We paint all types of sidings

Walls and Soffits

Aluminum surfaces can oxidize if they are not coated properly. Discover our available options to cover this material in a durable way while reducing the cost of having to repair your wall sidings.


Brick is a material that absorbs liquids, making it important to choose the right paint and materials in order to limit the absorption and reduce the cost of maintaining the building’s masonry.

Walls and ceilings

Stucco requires a different coating technique for which we are experts since 1996. We also offer state-of-the-art repairs. Ask a quote to our painting contractors.

Engineered wood and Maibec

FinDécor’s painters own the necessary equipment to do the maintenance of engineered wood, which will both increase its service life and reduce your maintenance costs.

Aluminum and vinyl

Make your property or commercial building look like new again by changing the colour of the door frames and window frames.

Wood or metal

Trust our experts to paint your cornices while respecting the historic character of your heritage building.

Painting and maintenance

Your lintels are rusty, but structurally important? No problem, we have the solution! For rustproof treatments and the protection of your steel lintels, we have the know-how!

Offices and commercial buildings

We are flexible and can adjust to your work schedules in order to execute the paint job outside your opening hours. The advice of our colour expert will make your environment more inviting and productive.

How we make the difference

Why call Findécor?

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Unrivaled experience

In order to obtain results that exceed your expectations, we are constantly pushing our limits to offer you unparalleled service. It is by equipping ourselves with the best products and the latest equipment that we excel.

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Precision work

Our painters in Westmount are meticulous, which is why they do a precise and consistent job using paint sprayers. Maintaining excellent communication with our customers allows us to understand expectations from the start.

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Competitive pricing

FinDécor provides high end results along with affordable services in order to respect your budget without sacrificing quality. With us, the customer is at the heart of priorities and receives turnkey service at every job.

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From the moment your project is started, you are invited to meet one of our advisors who will make sure to offer you personalized advice and guidance for the smooth running of your project, ensuring its success.

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Take advantage of the best warranties on the market, which are detailed in writing in your estimate, thanks to the rigor and evaluation of our house painters. You will have all the necessary details before you even start your project.


Our priority is to serve our customers for residential exterior painting. The interior services are mainly reserved for our commercial and industrial projects. It is possible to make an exception for certain cases depending on a variety of factors. Call us to obtain all the information.

Absolutely. This has been one of FinDécor’s areas of expertise for several years now. Spray paint penetrates into the brick, which increases its service life and offers spectacular results.

The best way to get a quick and accurate estimate of your work is to contact us by using our contact form. Simply provide the dimensions of the painting job to be done, with photos of all the surfaces to be painted and we will get back to you with a detailed quote within 48 hours.

Yes! Our consulting service is at your disposal, which will ensure the success of your project right from the start! By using this service to achieve your objectives, you will also get excellent advice.

Benefit from the best advice from our coloring expert to give your environment a cachet and make it more inviting.

The painters at Findécor know how busy your schedule is and how important it is to maintain opening hours. That’s why we’re flexible and can match your schedules to get the work done outside of those hours.

Since we frequently do commercial painting jobs on construction sites of department stores, shopping malls, grocery stores, offices, restaurants and more, we make sure the job is successful without disturbing your employees so that they can continue their work. We can also paint a part that is not in use to advance the work more efficiently.