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For painting interior coatings in your commercial and industrial buildings, offices and stores.

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What types of industrial surfaces do we work on?

FinDécor’s team offers painting services on interior industrial surfaces such as iron wall cladding, brick, structural elements like beams and steel columns, roof terrasses and different types of wall, ceiling, pipes and air ducts. We normally execute industrial painting jobs in large warehouses, all kinds of plants, and other large structures. FinDécor’s painters have all the necessary equipment to ensure this type of work, which is often located at heights.

In which kind of commercial buildings do we perform painting jobs?

We also work on interior commercial painting worksites for large stores, small shops, shopping malls, grocery stores, all kinds of offices, hardware stores, restaurants and many others. Our painters can easily adjust their schedule depending on your office hours to make sure they don’t disturb your employees, or they can work in a non-used room while your employees continue their good work. Aside from the above-mentioned locations, FinDécor’s team also performs painting jobs in childcares which requires particular knowledge to protect the health of the little ones!

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Unparalleled experience

We are constantly improving our knowledge concerning the best products, techniques and equipment, to offer you services that exceed your expectations.

Precision work

Paint sprayers allow for a uniform coating. Our certified painters are meticulous, and set your expectations from the start through excellent communication.

Competitive pricing

We offer turnkey services while respecting your budget. Obtain high-end results at an affordable price. Contact us and ask for a free and quick quote.


Our counseling service is an essential guide to help you with your project and offer you practical advice. Make your project a success on the first try!


Thanks to our precision and expertise, we offer the best warranties on the market. Detailed in writing on your quote, we give you all the facts before signing.