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FinDécor brings together a team of commercial painters who are specialized in interior and exterior painting services for commercial and professional buildings. We own the licenses, insurance, qualification cards, as well as the experience that make your project easy to succeed.

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A flexible schedule, to let you work without being distracted by the painting tasks

For the painting of offices and stores, it’s much easier to perform renovations and painting work when the premises aren’t occupied. As we must respect your schedule, it’s possible for us to execute the tasks before or after your opening hours. The commercial painter can also start one room at a time (the conference room, when not in use, for example) without disturbing the employees. You can’t store your furniture? No problem, we got it covered!

Get peace of mind by choosing FinDécor’s master painters

Commercial buildings are very numerous and often multi-storeys. At FinDécor’s, we own equipment to paint at heights safely and without danger (cherry-picker lifts, scissors lifts, elevating platforms.). We are also covered by an important insurance to guarantee your peace of mind. Finally, if a specific request is outside our expertise, you can be sure we will mention it. We respect the agreed-upon calendar and ensure that quality work is done each time!

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Painting daycares or child care centers: an expertise to protect the little ones

Painting the environment in which kids evolve asks for a particular knowledge together with a great attention to details, everyone’s safety. No matter if you have a private daycare, a family based child care or a public one, it’s important to call upon painters who care about the health of the little ones. Like daycares, commercial buildings are often made of various materials, and that is why they ask for specialized equipment and great expertise.

Interior commercial painting: Update the look of your business!

Findécor’s master painters possess the experience to paint large areas such as schools, hospitals, daycares, shopping centers, professional offices and much more. Thanks to the great care we take in the choice of materials as well as the work done, you will get your premises back quickly, with a brand new and updated look! Since your customers are visiting you every day, it is important to use materials that are health conscious. You can trust the specialists at Findécor for all your interior commercial painting.

How we make the difference

Why call FinDécor?

Unparalleled experience

We are constantly improving our knowledge concerning the best products, techniques and equipment, to offer you services that exceed your expectations.

Precision work

Paint sprayers allow for a uniform coating. Our certified painters are meticulous, and set your expectations from the start through excellent communication.

Competitive pricing

We offer turnkey services while respecting your budget. Obtain high-end results at an affordable price. Contact us and ask for a free and quick quote.


Our counseling service is an essential guide to help you with your project and offer you practical advice. Make your project a success on the first try!


Thanks to our precision and expertise, we offer the best warranties on the market. Detailed in writing on your quote, we give you all the facts before signing.

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Get a head start on your commercial renovation plans by securing your spot for the 2024 season. We are currently taking reservations, but space is limited, so be sure to secure your spot without delay. We’re also available to provide quotes for exterior commercial painting contracts starting in April.

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