Industrial painting

Our industrial painters perform interior and exterior painting of large warehouses, factories, processing plants and much more.

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Choosing a paint that protects against extreme weather conditions

It’s important to know the products which would be effective to protect and increase the lifetime of your sidings. Industrial buildings are often made of steel, iron, or aluminum. Therefore, it is important to master all rustproof treatment techniques, —not only rustproof primer— and also the methods to use to repair or replace damaged or dented surfaces.

Outstanding dexterity and know-how to inspire your clientele’s trust

The look of a building is very important and it must inspire confidence in order to attract and keep clients. FinDécor’s industrial painters pay extra attention to details and materials used. Depending on the type of siding, they prefer using the paint sprayer when possible, and they choose paints that protect the surface on the long-term. For higher buildings, we are equipped with all the systems and elevating machinery which are both safe and compliant.

deux hommes travaillant sur la peinture extérieure d'un entrepôt
peinture extérieure d'un entrepôt

Large surface painting: the perfect tool for this kind of job

When we have a large surface to paint such as industrial buildings, we use various types of sprayers as they allow for a more uniform and durable finish. The spray gun is versatile and allows us to paint any surface by covering all irregularities. It’s more durable than the traditional methods and it offers a paint coat that is just perfect. Finally, we can adjust the paint coat thickness with the paint gun, depending on the weather conditions or the coating chosen, for example. You can trust our experts for professional and meticulous industrial painting services.

How we make the difference

Why call FinDécor?

Unparalleled experience

We are constantly improving our knowledge concerning the best products, techniques and equipment, to offer you services that exceed your expectations.

Precision work

Paint sprayers allow for a uniform coating. Our certified painters are meticulous, and set your expectations from the start through excellent communication.

Competitive pricing

We offer turnkey services while respecting your budget. Obtain high-end results at an affordable price. Contact us and ask for a free and quick quote.


Our counseling service is an essential guide to help you with your project and offer you practical advice. Make your project a success on the first try!


Thanks to our precision and expertise, we offer the best warranties on the market. Detailed in writing on your quote, we give you all the facts before signing.