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Make an informed choice between painting and staining exterior brick

Because they offer a service life of over 25 years, brick wall staining and painting are both very durable options. As the stain goes into the brick, we say it can’t peel and resists better to the extreme weather conditions. Even if it is a little more expensive than paint, stain offers an aesthetic end result because it lets you see the texture of the brick and mortar, and it reflects light in a different manner on the masonry joints. Another solution would be using an elastomeric paint for brick, or other types of masonry, which are subject to cracking and other particular issues.

Letting the brick breathe to increase its service life and protect it from climatic conditions

Concrete blocks and other types of masonry such as brick are part of another variety of warehouse sidings and require a different approach. Masonry breathes and acts as a sponge when it is raining intensely, that’s why it’s important to choose products that allow breathability while limiting the quick absorption of the ‟Sponge” during heavy rains. We keep in mind the objective to protect the building in the long-term with specialized stains and paints for exterior brick as determined on a case-by-case basis.

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A warranty on brick painting and staining, to let you breathe

The warranty period is always written on your contract. The applicable warranty for painting and staining of exterior nude bricks jobs lasts at least 12 years. As the substrates are different, an analysis of the situation and area will be done. In all cases, the warranty is written on your contract.

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