Mural painting: wall-to-wall creativity!

Consider the creation of a fresco mural to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the wall on which it stands! Placed in a neighborhood, it’s a spectacular work of art that will improve the aesthetics of drab buildings. Are you looking for a company that can handle the entire process, from preparation to wall art design? If you are looking for assistance to create a mural, the answer is FinDécor.

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What is a mural?

Murals are a form of art with a unique artistic style. It involves painting on a large, flat surface, such as an exterior wall or a ceiling. Often large in scale, murals can cover the entire wall or part of it. Paint them indoors or out, and they will deliver a spectacular effect every time!

Depending on the setting, painters adapt to the space and take possession of the architecture. They give free rein to the creativity inspired by the site.

They can also adjust to customer requests to meet a specific idea. There are many types of artistic fresco. Certain pieces even exhibit a trompe l’oeil effect!

How to Prepare the surface for mural painting

A true spray paint and coating expert, FinDécor carries out complete wall preparation for murals and fresco realization. This is an important step in itself, since the coating and paint chosen must allow the material to breathe. This is particularly important for any types of fresco painted on bricks. The right wall preparation is crucial if you want to achieve long-lasting, beautiful looking results.

After selecting the right materials, the preparation work can begin! We use a pressure washer to remove as much dirt as possible. This is a crucial step, as it enables the paint to adhere effectively. If necessary, the painters will add a sealer, which will limit the appearance of stains.

Finally, we apply a primer to provide uniform coverage and limit the number of layers required.

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street art seuil bleu murale

Safety Above All

The creation of murals generally requires extra vigilance, particularly when working at height and to ensure safety on the ground. This type of painting requires precise preparations and we need to use certain types of equipment in order to do it. Depending on the complexity of the work, we use lifts and elevating platforms to complete the job safely.

In order to carry out our work successfully, we give priority to ongoing training in workplace health and safety. This prevents accidents and ensures optimum safety for everyone on site. To avoid all possible risks, it’s always a wise choice to call on a company with expertise.

Are you an artist looking for a partner to prepare your wall? Or are you a municipality with a precise idea to embellish urban spaces with a lasting work of art? Think Findécor to ensure the success of your project!

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Art by: Francois Leandre, El Diablo, Israël Dupuis and Catherine Faiello