Exterior brick painting at the service of art

exterior brick painting

As part of the 10th edition of the Mural Festival held last June, FinDécor had the opportunity to make its expertise available to the event. We participated in the festival by carrying out the preparation of a brick wall that was carefully selected to receive a work of art. With this step completed, the company gave way to the creation of the giant fresco. 

About twenty muralists stormed downtown Montreal to create majestic urban artwork. Each more original and striking than the next, these creations allow the buildings around the city to get a real facelift. 

With significant expertise in brick painting, FinDecor is proud to work according to the best practices. Our goal is to provide unparalleled results every time. But how do you paint a brick wall of this size?

Preparing the exterior brick wall

The preparation of an exterior brick wall for this kind of art requires its own specific steps. Since this type of material acts like a real sponge, it is essential to choose a type of paint that will allow it to breathe. 

Choosing the ideal paint to work with will limit absorption, especially during intense rain, but will also allow the exposed brick to breathe. In certain cases, brick staining may also be considered. A consultation before the start of the work will allow you to select the product that best suits your needs.

Once the exterior paint is chosen, it is necessary to clean the surface to be painted. Using pressure washing equipment, FinDecor painters will try to dislodge as many impurities as possible. Carrying out this step is not to be neglected, since it will allow the paint to adhere optimally and durably. 

Don’t forget to thoroughly clean the joints of bricks so that the paint perfectly sticks to the surface. Finally, certain elements or surfaces tend to stain easily. To overcome this problem, a sealant will be added after the pressure washing. This will make cleaning much easier. 

Depending on the desired color, painters will opt for the addition of a primer. This is also what was selected for the mural on Saint-Laurent boulevard. 

Selecting this option makes it possible to cover the initial color in a uniform manner and often add a paler color to it. We prefer this solution if the color of the original brick is dark and we try to refresh it to another paint color. The primer reduces the number of coats of paint required to achieve the desired result. 

Choosing paint designed for this type of work

We generally prefer a high quality acrylic paint for materials such as brick. It is a water-based product that is very adherent, making it a long-lasting solution. 

The 100% acrylic paint adheres like glue, allowing it to be used to paint a variety of surfaces. House painters, when doing brick jobs, prefer to carry out exterior work with this type of paint. It also protects surfaces from bad weather specific to our Quebec climate. 

This paint is flexible and very adherent. It reduces water infiltration on surfaces that do not present structural problems or cracks. 

To respect the rough aspect of the brick, many merchants or owners will prioritize a matte finish. We do not want the light to be reflected as it would on a satin or glossy paint. 

While some swear by paint, others greatly prefer the benefits of brick staining. One of them is the durability that this product offers on a material such as masonry. It is more resistant than paint to the weather generated by UV rays and the freeze/thaw cycle. Also, the stain is more delicate, which allows you to better appreciate the texture of the brick and the joints.    

Given the significant expense that this represents, it is important to have the best service. Our painters have the experience required to suggest the best product to use, depending on the material with which they have to work. 

Carrying out work at height

We speak of work at height when the site is at least 10 feet above the ground. This requires real expertise since the risk of an accident is high. Increased vigilance is essential for both house painters and passers-by. 

To complete painting jobs of the magnitude of the buildings selected for the Mural Festival, certain equipment is required. For example, we use lifting platforms, which allow us to work at height in complete safety. This is one of our priorities, on each of the sites where we work. 

Did you know that certifications are required to do this kind of work? CCQ competency cards are required, in addition to an RBQ permit. Make sure the painters you choose to work with have their cards and that they are in order. The operation of the basket and the lifting platform also requires the successful completion of a course. 

FinDecor teams follow health and safety training, which is also mandatory for construction sites at height. Countless accidents occur each year, which is why complete training is required. 

If you want to paint the brick or other masonry of a building, you can count on the FinDécor team. Our painters are meticulous and master the latest techniques to guarantee impeccable work.