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Advantages of painting exterior doors and window frames

Having your exterior door and window frames painted gives several benefits to the owner of a building or property. Exterior painting jobs extend the service life of the exterior siding by over 20%. First, we improve the appearance of the building, which will look brand new again, for only a fraction of the value. This service also serves as a curb appeal, meaning that if you sell the house people will notice your house more easily and the sale will often be done faster because the end result is reliable and durable.

You have a curtain-wall to paint on your building? No problem!

Buildings that have a wall made of windows, commonly called “curtain-wall”, are very numerous in Montreal. Several steps are necessary to paint the exterior of this type of wall. We start with pressure washing, which removes all the dirt and improves the adhesion of the new paint coat. Then, we cover all the windows and the ground before applying a high performance coating. We have a lot of experience in curtain-wall painting on the highest skyscrapers, to serve you in all simplicity.

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Unparalleled experience

We are constantly improving our knowledge concerning the best products, techniques and equipment, to offer you services that exceed your expectations.

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Paint sprayers allow for a uniform coating. Our certified painters are meticulous, and set your expectations from the start through excellent communication.

Competitive pricing

We offer turnkey services while respecting your budget. Obtain high-end results at an affordable price. Contact us and ask for a free and quick quote.


Our counseling service is an essential guide to help you with your project and offer you practical advice. Make your project a success on the first try!


Thanks to our precision and expertise, we offer the best warranties on the market. Detailed in writing on your quote, we give you all the facts before signing.

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