Painting of business signs

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You want more clients? Doing the maintenance of the exterior sidings of your commercial or industrial building, including the business sign and logo, is an investment you should not neglect. Indeed, to preserve the credibility of your business branding, it’s essential that the business sign and logo be in a great condition, clean and functional. Thus, your clientele will more easily trust your products and services.In Montreal, there are all kinds of business signs: banners or flags, in PVC, plastic, aluminum, iron, plexiglass or wooden lettering, etc. Some logos are painted directly on the wood or concrete façade. Thus, after a few years, those signs may be damaged from the bad weather or vandalism, so the logos have to get repainted, repaired, or modernized to follow the company’s evolution. The business owners can then turn to FinDecor’s team for their logos or commercial signs maintenance.###

Commercial signs painting

Depending on the size and location of the sign, it’s often easier to use a paintbrush. This technique can be a little longer, however it will ensure a more precise job and it won’t damage the adjacent surfaces.

It’s sometimes possible to use a spray paint gun. In this case, we take care of covering entirely the nearby surfaces in order to protect them from paint particles. The spray paint gun allows us to aim the surface to be painted, but at the condition that there isn’t any wind, which is pretty rare.

Special cases

Your logo is made of plastic? No problem! Contrary to popular belief, plastic can also be painted.

The electrical system of your neon is out of order, and you need an electrician to solve the problem? You are in luck! An electrician just joined our Montreal team!

Your façade made of stucco, brick, or another material is damaged, and you would like to have it fixed at the same time? We do it too!

Your business sign is located near electrical wires? We will contact Hydro-Québec for you. To learn more, read our article How to paint near electrical wires.

Your façade is really close to the street, which means we need to occupy the public road to work? We will make the request for you for an occupation permit of the public road, as we did it for this project.

At FinDecor’s we are equipped with aerial basket lifts which allow us to move up to the top of multiple-stories buildings: skyscrapers, factories, office blocks, seniors’ residences, academic institutions, libraries, water towers, and much more. Our professional painters have all received the required health and safety courses, they always wear their safety harness when working in heights and their construction helmet when needed. Moreover, the airlift driver did complete proper training in order to operate the vehicle safely.

For any question concerning the painting or maintenance of business signs, lettering or logo, contact us.

Dave Beaupre