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Painting of the Pointe-Claire logo on a water tower

In October 2015, the team of professional painters from FinDecor repainted the logo of the City of Pointe-Claire on a water tower. The city decided to change its logo. To read an article in the Gazette explaining the logo change, click here.

In order to paint the new logo on the water tower, we first had to make disappear the old one. As the water tower was made of steel and the surface was covered with an epoxy paint, we used to paint over it using Corotech V690 a two-component epoxy paint. It’s a high performance product that is specially conceived to adhere properly on metal while being resistant to the changing climatic conditions we usually have here in the province of Quebec (warmth, heat waves, cold, frost, ice storms, acid rains, wind, snow, hail, etc.).

The tower is 135-feet high. Even though we did not have to paint the whole structure, we still needed a lift that went up to 130 feet. The idea was to paint a logo large enough and high enough that it could be seen from the street.

The project took us 5 days with a team of 4 persons. There was always one employee on the ground to ensure safety on the worksite. Two employees were always in the lift with spray paint guns. And finally, one supervisor was monitoring the operations.

As this exterior painting project took place in October, it was primordial to make sure the steel surface temperature was over 4 degrees Celsius. Below that, the paint would have frozen and would not have adhered to the surface. Thus, we took the substrate temperature using a high-tech laser thermometer. The surface was always 12 degrees and over. We think the water inside the tank helped keep the temperature stable.

Please note our exterior painting season is now over. However, we now take reservations for exterior painting projects that will take place in Spring 2016. Do not hesitate to call us to discuss your paint projects for your commercial or industrial building: 514-966-0966.