Can aluminum siding be painted? Yes!

Painted exterior aluminum siding painted in green and orange
Exterior painting includes the painting of various surfaces. Most people know that we can paint PVC and stucco, but what about aluminum sheets: can we paint aluminum? Certainly, and we will inform you how professionals do it.

The method used

The method which best suits aluminum sheets outdoors painting is the spray painting gun. This technique has great advantages.

Professional painter spray painting an exterior wall

Advantages of the spray painting gun

Spray painting allows for productivity 20 times better than the traditional brush and roller. Moreover, spray painting allows the paint to enter properly in all the nooks and crannies of the surface without any dripping. Which means that the finish will be impeccable, even on corrugated surfaces such as aluminum sheets.

Where can we see exterior aluminum sidings?

Many places contain aluminum sidings, commonly called aluminum sheets. Most notably on garage doors, exterior walls (warehouses and commercial buildings) and roofs. However, we also use them on flashings, soffits, pillars, banisters, balconies, stairs, shutters and gutters. If you pay close attention, you can see them everywhere in Montreal.

Which paint should we use to paint aluminum?

Hundreds of paint products specially conceived to paint aluminum surfaces are available on the market. The trick is to choose an exterior paint which will adhere well to this kind of metal. However, always keep in mind the weather conditions where you live. Therefore, if you live in Québec, choosing a paint that will resist Québec’s sometimes harsh weather conditions is a must.

For painting exterior cladding, we usually use the Aura paint from Benjamin Moore. This paint offers an excellent adherence as well as a great durability. Other products are less expensive, but without using high quality paint, the result won’t be optimal in the long run.

Which paint technique is the most appropriate to paint an aluminum wall?

The spray paint gun is the best way to paint aluminum, be it for an undulated or a flat surface. Indeed, it allows even applications, even when it’s time to apply a second coat of paint. This type of paint job coats every square foot of a surface perfectly with the ideal paint thickness.

This tool is faster than the brush and paint roller combo. It sprays paint particles in all the cracks, bumps and holes evenly. That is, when the painter previously followed the required training course!

What to do if it is rusty

If an aluminum sheet is rusty, we have two options to propose. We can either change it completely or give it a rustproof treatment.

If the sheet is damaged or rusted to the point where it is weak, we recommend replacing it. On the contrary, if the surface is still strong, it is possible to simply sandblast it before spreading a rust annihilator. After it dries completely, we can then start painting over it using a specially conceived anti-corrosion paint.

Painter using

Surfaces of multiple stories and roofs made of aluminum

Your aluminum siding covers a very large surface? This surface might be a roof or considerably tall. There is no issue, FinDécor can paint your sidings no matter where they are.

FinDecor’s team operates 2 pressure washing machines, 3 elevating platforms, 6 spray guns, and numerous safety harnesses. Our way of working enables us to achieve optimal surface preparation and efficiency.

Anticorrosion treatment

Depending on the condition of the aluminum sheet, it may be better to replace a few of them before painting. The construction painter will inform you of the steps to take when estimating your project.

If the replacement of rusty sheets is not justified, we will then proceed with an anti-corrosion treatment. Various steps divide this process.

  1. Sandblasting allows you to remove the rust and other dirt on the surface.
  2. Pressure washing makes the surface smooth, clean and adherent.
  3. The rust annihilator protects the metal against rust.
  4. The primer optimizes the paint adherence.
  5. We apply the anti-rust treatment in one or two coats of paint to ensure a beautiful finish.


The guarantee for the painting of a new sheet of aluminum siding is 15 years. Obviously, if the condition of the siding is not optimal, the length of the warranty will be shorter.

Most rusty aluminum walls we treat with an anti-rust treatment will have a warranty of 5 to 10 years. Please always refer to your service contract for your warranty, since the length may differ.


Please note there is a difference between the warranty’s term and the paint’s durability. Depending on the surface initial state and the products used, the paint on an aluminum siding can easily last 25 years. Numerous factors can come into play, such as temperature changes, maintenance carried out, and so on.

If you are worried about the dangers related to the use of spray painting guns, we got you covered. You can learn more about it by reading another one of our posts available here.

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