Can aluminum siding be painted? Yes!

Exterior painting includes the painting of various surfaces. It is generally known that we can paint PVC and stucco, but what about aluminum sheets: can aluminum be painted? Yes! Here is how to do it.

The method used

The method which best suits aluminum sheets outdoors painting is the spray painting gun. This technique has great advantages.

Advantages of the spray painting gun

Spray painting allows a productivity 20 times better than the traditional brush and roller. Moreover, for the corrugated surfaces such as aluminum sheets, the paint will enter properly in all the nooks and crannies without any dripping, so the finish will impeccable.

Surfaces of multiple stories and roofs made of aluminum

Your aluminum siding covers a very large surface, or is very tall, or maybe it’s a roof? No problem! FinDecor’s team is equiped with 2 pressure washing machines, 3 elevating platforms, 6 spray guns and numerous safety harnesses. Everything to be efficient!

Anticorrosion treatment

Depending on the condition of the aluminium sheet, it may be better to replace a few aluminum sheets before painting them. The construction painter will tell you what’s what when estimating your project. If the replacement of rusty sheets is not justified, we will proceed to an anticorrosion treatment. It divides in various steps.

  1. Sandblasting allows you to remove the rust and other dirt on the surface.
  2. Pressure washing makes the surface smooth, clean and adherent.
  3. The rust annihilator protects the metal from more rust.
  4. The primer optimizes the paint adherence.
  5. The antirust paint will be applied in one or two coats for a nice finish.


The painting of a new sheet of aluminum siding is guaranteed for 15 years. Obviously, if the condition of the siding is not optimal, the length of the warrantee will be shorter. In most cases, a rusty aluminum wall on which we perform antirust treatment will have a warrantee of 5 to 10 years. Please always refer to your service contract for your warrantee. The lenght may differ.


Please note there is a difference between the warrantee’s term and the paint’s durability. Depending on the surface initial state and the products used, the paint on an aluminum siding can easily last 25 years.

To learn more about the dangers of the spray painting gun, I suggest you to read this post Using a spray Painting Gun for House Painting: dangerous?

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