Aluminum sidings painting

Where can we see aluminum sidings?

Aluminum sidings, commonly called aluminum sheets, can be seen on garage doors, exterior walls (warehouses and commercial buildings), roofs, flashings, soffits, pillars, banisters, balconies, stairs, shutters and gutters. We see them everywhere in Montreal.

Which paint should we use to paint aluminum?

There are dozens, hundreds of paint products on the market which have been specially conceived to paint aluminum surfaces. The trick is to choose an exterior paint (that will resist to the Quebec climatic conditions) and which will adhere well to this kind of metal. We usually use the Aura paint from Benjamin Moore, which offers an excellent adherence as well as a great durability. Other products are less expensive, but the result won’t be optimal in the long run.

Which paint technique is the most appropriate to paint an aluminum wall?

The spray paint gun is the best way to go for aluminum painting, be it for an undulated or a flat surface. Indeed, the spray gun, also called paint gun, allows the application of an even coat which has the perfect thickness. This tool is faster than the brush and roller combo because it sprays paint particles in all the cracks, bumps and holes evenly, when the painter previously followed the required training course, that is!

What to do if it is rusty

If an aluminum sheet is rusty, we can either change it completely or give it a rustproof treatment. If the sheet is damaged to the point where it is weak, we recommend to replace it with a new one. On the contrary, if the surface is still pretty strong, it is possible to simply sandblast it before spreading a rust annihilator, and then to paint over it using a specially conceived anticorrosion paint.

Metal painting

FinDecor also does the painting of all types of metal coatings: steel, iron, galvanized zinc, etc. We paint lintels, curtain walls, steel decks, wrought iron balconies, and much more. Moreover, we offer up to 15-years long warranties on the painting of aluminum surfaces.

The growing demand forces us to focus more on large project (commercial and industrial) instead of small residential mandates. We go everywhere in the greater Montreal, on the south Shore, and in some cities such as Québec, Sherbrooke and even Cornwall! To obtain a free quote, contact us.

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Dave Beaupre

Master painter