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What paint brand is more reliable?

At FinDecor’s, we only use the best paint products available on the market. Our painters have over 15 years of experience, so they had the opportunity to try out a lot of products.

What paint brand is more reliable?

As a professional building painter, I am often asked what my opinion is concerning the different paints available on the market and which one is best. Unfortunately, this question cannot be answered easily.

In the last two decades, there has been a lot of research and development in the manufacturing of paints, and as a consequence, dozens of new paints appear in the stores each season. There are so many different products on the market today that it’s not obvious to choose a paint for your house.

Each paint manufacturer offers a big array of products, and trying all of them would take several months, if not years. For instance, Benjamin Moore offers eight different lines of products! To discover which paint is best, we would have to compare each line of products of one manufacturer with the corresponding line of its competitors. This research would be exhaustive.

Different kinds of paints

The best paint depends on your project. Are you looking for a rustproof paint for the aluminum siding of your garage or for painting your lintels? Do you need an exterior paint that will resist the climatic changes and will stick to your brick or stucco wall? Do you want a matte paint to repaint your ceiling? A glossier paint for your interior walls? You are maybe looking for a paint that has great hiding power to cover up a bright red coating? A paint to apply on galvanized metal or on a wrought iron metal? Or a bright color paint that is very washable (for which the color will resist the scrubbing) for the children’s playroom? Eco-friendly paints so your child won’t have more asthmatic problems?

Benjamin Moore: paints we can trust

According to a recent survey from Reader’s Digest and Ipsos-Reid, Benjamin Moore is the paint brand that is the most appreciated in North America. This does not mean that those paints are better than the others, but that we tend to trust them more.

FinDecor prefers Benjamin Moore’s paints for several reasons: not only do they offer a great quality-price ratio for Montreal painters, those paints or easily available here in Montreal.

If you are an amateur, I strongly recommend that you go get your materials for your paint project in a Benjamin Moore retailer. Their sales assistant will give you good advice. They are used to helping citizens that are not professional painters, and do not worry, they will know how to answer all of your questions, even the weirdest. So do not hesitate!

Is Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint of high quality?

Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint is a line of products which we like to use. Here’s why.

Aura paint advantages:

Aura paint also has disadvantages:

I recommend the Aura paint when:

In conclusion, it’s always better to ask for a professional painter when using the Aura paint because of its self-leveling property and because it dries so fast. It’s also a smart choice to choose Aura when the staff cost is quite high and that the durability is important, and when you want to cover up the surface properly: it can even help you save money.

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