Transform your landscape with mural painters

Discover how mural art can redefine your space and bring out the unique character of your city with FinDécor. Let our captivating artworks attract attention, brighten up your neighborhood and go viral online.

Choose a partner you can trust for exterior mural projects and bring your space to life. Whatever the complexity of your project, FinDécor is the ideal partner!

Why choose mural art?

Mural art, also known as street art, is an art form that brings together many different artistic styles. Artists create outdoor murals, sometimes with a specific idea in mind, sometimes by letting their artistic instincts guide them. This type of art has many advantages, including the following:

Enhance urban spaces

Wall art transforms ordinary spaces into open-air art galleries. We brighten up spaces by adding color, creativity and beauty to your streets, walls and buildings. Artists also have the ability to craft authentic trompe l’oeil on the facades of buildings.

Celebrate local culture and identity

Artistic frescoes and murals reflect the cultural diversity and unique identity of your city. Painters often opt for local symbols, motifs and themes to tell vibrant stories.

Boost tourism

A vibrant art scene can attract visitors interested in urban art and culture. Murals are magnificent, emblematic works of art able to boost tourism and help the local economy.

Reduce illegal graffiti

Providing dedicated spaces for artists to create legitimate works of art helps to channel the creative energy of graffiti artists. It can help reduce acts of vandalism and illegal graffiti on public streets.

Engage the community

Mural art projects foster community involvement, which strengthens social ties while instilling community pride. It’s a project that encourages close collaboration between the various people involved.

Refresh neighborhoods

By transforming neglected spaces into open-air art galleries, mural art can attract investors, businesses and residents alike. Not only does this increase real estate value, it also positions the city as a prime location.

Why choose FinDécor for your mural art project?

Painting outdoor murals is a major project. Most painters use acrylic paint or spray cans for mural painting. Proper exterior wall preparation is therefore crucial to ensure the artwork longevity.

Calling on a professional company like FinDécor for this task can be a wise move for many reasons. Using the right equipment is very important depending on the complexity of the work. In particular, when the type of fresco or mural you want to achieve requires painting high up.

Technical expertise

Our team of mural painters has the expertise to assure optimal surface preparation. This guarantees the durability and longevity of your artwork. We assess the existing coating to properly prepare it for the upcoming mural or fresco realization.

Durability and longevity

We use specific techniques and materials to prepare surfaces so that your mural can withstand weathering and pollution. We make sure the surface prepared is clean and free of dirt. In this way, the paint can adhere optimally to the cladding while remaining weather-resistant.

Compliance with standards

Our industrial painters comply with current standards and regulations. One of our main concerns being that your frescoes respect the established rules. We also master the preparation process and ensure proper safety at all times.

Proven efficiency

We efficiently carry out surface preparation thanks to our expertise. We assure completed work on schedule as well. Surface preparation is an important job, requiring know-how and specific skills. We have all the equipment we need to produce impeccable work.

Obligations and insurance

As a professional company, we have legal insurance and take full responsibility for the work we perform. Gain peace of mind by choosing FinDécor as the partner for your wall art projects.

Choose FinDécor

FinDécor is part of the Mural Festival for a second year running. We once again prove our commitment to bringing urban art to the local scene.

We offer unrivaled expertise, in particular when it comes to surface preparation and project implementation. FinDécor also ensures building integrity preservation in accordance with the highest standards.

Whether you have a precise idea in mind or simply wish to create a mural, FinDécor is the partner to choose. With us, you’ll get a work of art that stands out for its vibrancy, quality and durability.