The importance of building maintenance in Montreal

Building maintenance Services in Montreal

Have you ever heard of buildings that are collapsing in Montreal? Yes, buildings which are inadequately maintained are a threat to the citizens’ safety. Recently, part of a wall of a Plateau Mont-Royal building collapsed.

In order to end this huge safety issue, the City of Montreal regularly does the inspection of buildings located in the different Montreal boroughs. The Regulations on the maintenance of buildings force the building owners to maintain properly their buildings so that they are safe.

When an inspector observes that a building’s condition represents a danger for the Montrealers’ safety, he sends the building owner an offence notice by registered mail. This letter informs him of the things he needs to modify on his building and the time he has to do it. If the owner does not answer this request, then the City of Montreal proceeds with prosecution against him and the owner will need to pay a heavy fine.

The given delay for the modifications can vary, but often, the maximum is of 30 days. The more dangerous it is, the shorter the delay will be. When safety is at stake, it’s important to take the notice seriously and make the changes as soon as possible.

The required modifications might include restoring the masonry, (particularly if there is a frost boil, sign that there has been water infiltration and that the breaking and collapsing of the brick is imminent), repairing masonry joints, removing broken flashings, restoring lintels, replacing the façade’s siding, etc.

FinDecor professionals are often called upon in these cases. Indeed, our team did receive proper training courses given by the CCQ concerning the building envelope. This means we can open up walls for insulation, we can do the interior and exterior caulking, redo the masonry, be it stucco, concrete, aggregate or bricks, we can restore lintels, repair dormers, give anticorrosion treatments to your surfaces, and of course, repaint them. Our crew is qualified to perform all kinds of modifications (painting and minor renovations) on the Montreal buildings.

FinDecor accepts to take those mandates when they come together with a painting job. Our speciality is till interior and exterior painting, but we also do small renovations when needed.

For more information on building painting and renovations, please contact us.

Dave Beaupre