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Remote estimates thanks to MLS files

You would like to have your house painted before moving in, but you don’t have the keys yet? We have the solution. We now offer remote quotes to help our clients.

You simply have to send us the PDF document that shows the MLS listing and then we will be able to provide you with a free quote and set a date for your painting project. This way, you will be able to move in your new property quickly and without stressing about the paint. Plus, you save money. It’s a good thing to know that the painters will paint 10% faster if they don’t have any furniture in the way.

Thanks to the MLS listing, we not only see the dimensions of the rooms, but also their style, and particularities that would be difficult to communicate otherwise. We can also see the seller’s notes, and the year of construction gives us a good hint about the conditions of the walls and the construction materials that were used. All of that in a heartbeat, and with no traveling.

The quotation is generally very precise even when it’s done from distance, and it allows you to make a reservation for our services knowingly. During the discussion, we suggest paints to be used. You only need to give us an idea of the colors, your needs, and the schedule.

We are then able to produce a detailed written quotation that will protect you and diminue your stress due to the moving.

The same procedure can be applied to the exterior painting of your house.

If you do not have access to your MLS file, you only have to provide us a few details and the number of rooms. I know what questions to ask in order to give a precise estimate.

Another advantage of this method: the estimate can be done the same day if you answer your emails on the spot.

To send us your MLS now, send an email at Please make sure to give us all the necessary details to ensure a quick response. If you prefer, you can always send me an SMS at 514-966-0966. It’s a very easy way of contacting me. Make a reservation now for Spring and save big!

Dave Beaupre