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Painting of a stucco coating, Pointe-Claire

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FinDecor’s team was hired for a stucco repair and painting project on a residential building in Pointe-Claire, a Montreal West Island neighborhood. The stucco walls were damaged in a few areas and the building had two cornices in need of a repaint.

Main objective of the paint job

The owner’s goal for this painting project was to enhance the building’s general appearance in order to increase its resale value. Thus, our mission for this work at heights was to beautify, of course, but also to repair the façade’s cracked stucco that tended to fall on the ground.

Our elevation equipment to work at heights

To ensure safety for all our workers and clients, we always take the necessary measures. As for the jobs at heights, this means we use the appropriate elevation equipment, including a lift operated by a trained driver, and we wear protection helmets and safety harnesses when required.

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Our method for stucco repair

To achieve this, we installed beads inside the big cracks of the stucco façade, which we covered with siliconized caulking, which stays soft and flexible in order to follow the movements of a centennial building. This contributes to protecting the surface from the bad weather, thus extending its lifespan. We also made spot repairs where needed using stucco made with the original materials in order to get the exact same texture and color in the repaired areas.

Paint application

The paint used for this project was specially conceived for stucco and masonry in a matte finish to keep the coating’s excellent breathing capacity (the same rule applies to all masonry painting). This product for exterior use was applied with a sprayer to allow the uniform coat in all the bumps and holes of this textured surface.

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You need stucco painters in Montreal? We are here!

FinDecor’s painters are equipped to accomplish work at heights and they are qualified for exterior painting, be it for stucco, iron, aluminum, wood, brick, or PVC coatings. Call us now to make a reservation for our services. FinDecor offers free estimates in several Montreal neighbourhoods.

Dave Beaupre

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