What is lotus leaf paint?

What is lotus leaf paint?

In 2012, paint manufacturer Sto Corp launched a paint that uses a new technology. It’s is fact an hydrophobic paint, that imitates the microstructure of lotus leaves once it has been spread on a surface.

When water falls on the painted surface, it can’t stick to it. Because of the natural structure of the paint water glides on it. The same way lotus leaves float on the water and stay fry, Sto Corp paint has a hydrophobic property, which means it’s self-cleansing. Indeed, water pearls on a wall that has been painted with a hydrophobic paint. And just as water will pearl, so will the dirt.

To wash a wall painted with a lotus leaf concept paint, simply pour a little water or paint for the rain to pour and it will get clean by itself. Pure water takes away dirt and dust that are on its way. Those walls are thus always clean.

The lotus leaf effect paint presents another non-negligible advantage: the absence of mold growth. As the water does not stay stuck in the holes and bumps of the surface, micro-organisms that produce mold can survive and reproduce. This is why there can’t be any mold growth.

I strongly recommend the use of self-cleansing lotus leaf paint for brick, concrete and stucco walls, as well as on any surface that is very porous. This paint is sold in a wide variety of colors, and can be used on different types of exterior sidings, but not on metal. And of course, lotus leaf paint can only be used outdoors, as it needs to be in direct contact with exterior elements to be efficient.

In sum, this paint can replace paint on all kinds of surfaces (aluminum, PVC, and sometimes even wood) and it could boost the project cost of about 20%.

If you have a paint project for which you would like to have an estimate, we will be glad to help. But know that we do not sell this paint product otherwise, as it comes from Germany.

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Dave Beaupre