The final inspection of a painting job

Ideally, proceed to a quick inspection after the painting of each room, or of each exterior wall. If possible, it’s always better to inspect before the painter leaves the premises so that there won’t be any useless delay in getting the work done. Plus the painter will be glad he does not have to come back.The company’s president does the inspection before approving it, and he then asks the client to have a look.

At what distance should we LOOK?

According to the Order of Architects, a painting job should be looked at a normal distance. This means that you should be at a distance of about 4 feet for an interior wall and 6 feet for an outside wall. This corresponds to what someone would normally do, and it’s the same for a house and a commercial building. In their everyday life, no one will look at the surface with the nose on the wall to detect imperfections.

Who should do the inspection?

Once the finished job has been approved by the worksite foreman, the client can inspect the work. However, it’s important to inspect while keeping in mind the initial agreement. This means that it’s the person who did initially establish the expected quality standards should be the one who analyses the final work. The different expectations of two persons could be subtle, but they are not unimportant. Thus, the appreciation of a company owner could be different from that of his assistant.

Most dissatisfaction causes have to do with the surface preparation. For example, did we choose not to repair the surface before painting it? The good painter is the one who adapts to the client’s budget and needs.

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Better safe than sorry!

Dave Beaupre