Cornice painting : an art!

Peinture Corniches Montréal

Your building’s cornices need repainting? If you feel the need to change the color or to simply make them nicer by improving the gloss, repainting cornices is possible. However, this procedure requires a great expertise. First of all, we have to identify the kind of substrate on which we desire to apply a new coat. Let’s take a look at the techniques that for various materials.

peinture corniches

Painting a wooden cornice

Given the humid climate we have here in Quebec, it’s important to observe the wooden siding detect the mold, if any. Obviously, rotten wood pieces will be replaced. Ancestral cornices should be restored by a gifted carpenter. To make it perfect, we try to recreate as loyally as possible the original model. Once the restoration has been done, we proceed to pressure washing the surface to remove the dirt and thus help the adhesion. It’s critical not to forget to adjust the water spray to a moderate pressure to preserve the wood. Depending on the surface’s condition, we could choose an acrylic or an alkyd latex paint. It’s also possible to simply varnish the wood cornices to let the wood grain show.

Painting a galvanized steel cornice

If it is made of galvanized steel and if it was not well-maintained, your cornice is probably corroded. In this case, we start by applying two coats of primer in order to avoid corrosion to reappear through the final coat a few months later. Please note a limited number of products can be applied successfully on a galvanized metal: always ask for expert advice!

Painting an aluminum cornice

The paint method we use is the same for smooth and undulated aluminum cornices. It consists of pressure washing to get rid of all the surface’s contaminants that would reduce the paint’s adhesion. In some cases, we also perform a mechanical sandblast. Once the surface is in good condition, we apply a coat of rustproof paint, and finally, we add an acrylic final coat.

Exterior painting equipment

All types of cornices are painted easily using the sprayer. This professional tool specially conceived for exterior painting and painting large surfaces is ideal for cornices. Moreover, it allows for a smooth and uniform finish, for an impeccable result. As for any exterior painting job, we recommend to refresh the paint on your cornices each ten year or so.

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