Heatwave : how to avoid blistering and peeling?

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As the meteorologists are announcing a heatwave for the next few days, we thought giving you a few tips in order to avoid problems caused by heat in your painting projects.

Why is my paint making blisters?

Paint bubble formation, a phenomenon called « blistering », is caused by excessive heat which cooks the paint on the surface before it had time to dry. This happens mainly on walls and roofs made of metal or aluminum and during hot summer days, especially in the case of heatwaves, like those we have each year in Montreal. A lack of adhesion and the apparition of corrosion or mold can also cause peeling.

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How to avoid paint blistering and peeling?

To avoid these unfortunate consequences, it’s crucial be informed about the weather conditions before painting any exterior surface. In periods of great heat, it’s important to ensure that the pain twill be applied before dawn and after sunset and that it will have time to dry entirely before the temperature gets too high. We advise you to never go beyond the maximum temperature indicated on the label of the paint products you use.
It is also crucial to properly prepare the surface (cleaning, sandblasting, scraping) before applying a new paint coat so to maximize the adhesion. A dried and clean surface, free from dirt, rust and mold is more efficient.

My paint made blisters – how to resolve the problem?

In the case where a paint would have made blisters due to heat, we need to strip the surface to remove entirely the faulty coat. Before starting the application, we need to prepare the surface and follow the recommendations above-mentioned.

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