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Several researches show that each color has an impact on the mood of persons that are exposed to it for a certain amount of time. Indeed, colors influence our energy levels, which has a direct effect on our mental state and emotions.</a>

Thus, one can understand the importance of choosing carefully his paint colors for the home and office, given the quantity of hours that he lives in those environments. So here is a short description of the most popular paint colors effects.

Red swatch  Red: warm, very powerful color, but it also causes aggressiveness, so it has to be avoided in large quantities in closed rooms. This color increases the body and mind energy level, and it improves the blood flow.

Pink dot color  Pink: has a calming effect on the nervous system. When used in small amounts, pink softens the personality of the persons living in the room. However, an excessive use can make people lazy which translate into a lack of motivation.

Orange dot  Orange: warm and energetic color. Orange paint will increase your creativity and your enthusiasm. Perfect to increase your energy level in winter!

Yellow color  Yellow: warm and joyful color but it’s also an eye irritant. Use this color to stimulate the nervous system and to purify the body, but remember to only use it in small touches, do not paint an entire room in yellow!

Green color  Green: popular and cold color, associated with nature and growth. This color is known for its soothing properties. Inspire from nature and mix and match different shades of green with brown in a room.

Blue color swatch  Blue: cold but popular color. All blue shades are very calming, and the lighter the tone is, the larger your room will look. It is believed that blue color soothes illnesses and treats pain.

Purple color  Purple: represents wisdom and spirituality. Use it to feel more stable. Purple color is believed to soothe skin problems.

Brown swatch  Brown: evokes a sense of stability. However, if you paint a whole room in brown, it can induce a feeling of sickness and isolation. To avoid this, mix it with tones of green or beige.

Grey  Grey: neutral color. In ancient times, grey color was associated with the balance between the good and the bad. Nowadays, grey has an industrial connotation and we often associate it with pollution.

I hope that these guidelines are helping you make the right choice for you. It is very important to take time to choose carefully your paint colors as they will most definitely have an impact on your life for the next years!

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