5 lessons I learned through years of experience as a professional painter

If you are looking to be a paint contractor, you will see it might not be as easy as you think. Here are a few tips I learned through over 20 years of experience as a building residential and commercial painter.

Use the best technology possible

In the painting industry, we are lucky enough that technological tool have been invented to optimize the durability and productivity. Make sure you always use the best possible tools to make your life easier. Here are some tools you could get.

  • A safety harness that clips instead of the old ones that take more time to attach
  • An elevating platform, or at least a cherry-picker lift, instead of using a tall ladder
  • A pressure washing tool that uses boiling water and steam with very high pressure (4000 PSI is recommended)
  • A “God Hand” (long stick on which you clip your roller) to paint in hard-to-reach places.

Know your products and use high quality

Instead of going to the hardware store, it’s always best to go to a paint retailer. Not only do they offer a wide array of high-quality paint products, brushes and rollers, they are also specialized in the painting industry and provide great advice for construction painters. Another advantage is that if you do business with a paint retailer, you will have access to lower prices if you buy large quantities of paint, which is generally not the case in a hardware store.

Listen to your clients

This one seems obvious, but a lot of people forget it. You must ALWAYS listen to your clients, particularly before you begin the painting project to identify their needs and after the project is done to get feedback. If the client criticizes your work, listen to him or her and address the problem right away. Remember your best publicity is words of mouth, so make sure your clients are satisfied!

Be curious so you always learn

As a commercial or residential painter, the best way to always have clients is to always get better. Be curious, ask questions, read about other painters techniques and ideas, try the latest products available on the market, this will help you master your craft.

Learn with a pro

In order to learn the right techniques and to get your CCQ licence, you must be trained by a professional painter that has his CCQ competency card. Watch what he does, do as he says, and don’t be afraid to ask questions so you can learn a lot more.

I hope this article was useful. Good luck in your new painting business! And remember, the best thing you can do is learn with a pro. If you need a professional painter for your building, please contact us.

Dave Beaupre