The construction holidays


Here it is! The construction holidays have started!

This year, the construction holidays take place from July 24 to August 6 inclusively.greece-1533444_640

What’s the purpose of construction holidays?

The existence of summer vacations for construction (professional painters included), allows them to avoid suffering from a burn-out and helps minimize the number of accidents on Quebec worksites. As they often do overtime from Spring until Fall, it’s important that the workers have a summer break to get rest. The construction worksites have to be closed. We only give an exception to private residential projects and to some really urgent work (for buildings that could collapse otherwise, putting in danger the pedestrians).

Will FinDecor’s team be on vacations?

Yes! Our team will be back on August 8. We will then start taking reservations for Fall, and even for Spring 2017!

Have really great vacations!