Why should I paint my lintels?

Linteaux en métal peinturé en noir sur un bâtiment en briques rouges

What’s a lintel?

A lintel is a piece of metal which can be found on top of each window and door of any building. Don’t be fooled by its small size: the lintel is an essential part of a façade’s structure. Without it, your wall could collapse!

Deux fenêtres blanches sur un mur de brique avec des par


As the lintels are made of metal, they corrode a little more each year if they are not taken care of. This rust gradually weakens the lintel until it’s not solid enough to hold the structure. Sooner or later, the wall starts to give in under its own weight, and then water penetrates into the inner wall. In winter, the water changes into ice, which makes the siding break. At this step, the collapsing hazard is very important and it’s too late to repair the lintels: often, you will need to restore the entire wall. This is why we prefer doing prevention check-ups, which are a lot less expensive and they help avoid big problems in the long run. Don’t forget that the collapsing due to a lack of maintenance usually aren’t covered by insurance companies

How often should I check my lintels’ condition?

Experts recommend having our lintels checked annually. We prefer to do it duringSpring of Fall while the temperature allows us to work outdoors and the metal is not too hot. Depending on several factors, our treatment lasts 0 years or so. However, beware of Quebec’s changing climatic conditions!

How to restore a damaged lintel?

A damaged lintel restoration can be done in 6 steps.

  1. Scraping: removes the rust and dirt
  2. Sanding: makes the surface smooth
  3. Rust annihilator: protects even more the metal from rust
  4. Primer: helps the paint to adhere to the metal surface
  5. Rustproof paint: prevents the rust from reappearing
  6. Two-compounds epoxy: makes the lintel more rustproof.

Linteau de brique peinturé en blanc au-dessus d'une fenêtre d'une bâtiment industriel en briques

FinDecor’s lintel restoration service

FinDecor’s team of experienced painters offers you an efficient and affordable solution for your lintels restoration! Our specialists perform rustproof treatment which prevents deterioration and provides a better durability to your lintels. This way, your façade will be safe longer. Our services include the rent of elevating platforms to paint at heights.

You aren’t sure if your lintels need to be repainted? We offer you to verify at no fees if you leave in Montreal! This way, you will be absolutely certain.

[Make an appointment with an expert to restore your lintels!](https://findecor.ca/contact/)