When does the exterior painting season starts?


Painter with jacket carrying a step ladder on a flat roof

When exactly does the exterior painting season starts?

Actually, it’s not a matter of when, but of temperature. The important thing to remember is to make sure that the surface temperature you want to paint is at least 4 degrees Celsius during a few hours, so the paint has time to dry completely.

The drying time varies depending on the atmospheric humidity, the type of surface and the type of paint. Refer to the label on your paint product and evaluate properly the meteorological temperatures without forgetting to check on the air humidity rate and the chances of rain or hail. Specially conceived laser equipment allow you to read the temperature of a given surface. It’s what we did for the painting of the Pointe-Claire water tower last Fall.


A painter on a step ladder spray painting the

Is it impossible to perform exterior painting when the temperature is lower?

No, it’s not impossible to perform exterior painting during winter. There is a solution which allows us to paint outside no matter the moods of Mother Nature, but it’s more expensive and asks for more preparation. Just like for the exterior painting of the Windsor Station, it is possible to repaint the façade of a building by heating the scaffolds and covering them up with a large canvas. It’s a way that is often used in construction when one needs to work on the masonry of a dwelling occupied during winter.

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