When can we paint outside?


At what temperature can we paint outside?

There has been research and development in the paint industry and there are now on the market some kinds of paint that may be applied on temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius!

That’s right, no more waiting for the 10 degrees we used to comply with. Today, all companies have low-temperature paints for exteriors that often come with other nice properties like anti-mold and UV protection.

Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint is one good example of a paint that can be applied at low temperature. Climate from Glidden (now named Bétonel) is another and _Resilience_from Sherwin Williams as well, to name only a few.

Resilience is one I bring to your attention because it also has properties that allow this paint to be applied on somewhat damp materials such as wood. In early spring and late fall, when it gets cold, it also rains quite often and therefore, Resilience is a great solution to have up your sleeve. It’s a great quality paint that also tolerates a rain shower in the hours following application.

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