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What painting services are guaranteed?

FinDecor warrantees


Guarantees offered at FinDecor are the best guarantees of the industry. As this company always uses the best products available on the market, it can ensure the durability and efficiency of the various paints it uses. Moreover, as this team of professional painters has almost 20 years of experience, it is confident of the quality of its services.

All guarantees are detailed in the written agreement that is handed to you at the beginning of the mandate. Always verify that the offered guarantees are clearly indicated. For example, the guarantee offered on the painting of a brick wall could be different from the one offered on aluminum sidings, cornices, window frames, doors and stairs. Each contract is different so ask questions!

The guarantees offered vary depending on various factors:

Here are, broadly speaking, the different guarantees we offer on our building painting services de. Some conditions apply. Always refer to your service contract as guarantees are subject to change without notice.

Maximum guarantees for exterior sidings painting*

5 years Interior painting
3 to 5 years Wrought iron, galvanized metal, lintels, metal and wood cornices
15 years Aluminum wall coverings, exterior walls made of PVC, wooden horizontal sidings
30 years stucco, bricks, roughcast, aggregate, concrete
Special Roofs, floors, stairs (surfaces on which we walk)






Please note that for all exterior surfaces, external factors are not covered. For example, a roof that received hailstones the size of ping-pong balls is not covered.




Other warranties

We also offer the option of purchasing an extended warranty. It can cover in some cases, capricious surfaces (wood) and flat surfaces on which we walk. Please note that there is a difference between warranty and the life expectancy of a surface. A surface guaranteed for 30 years could easily last over 40 years, depending on the use you make of it and the maintenance you put on it. Discuss it with your paint contractor during your first appointment.

*Please note that to get a guarantee, it must be indicated on your services contract. Some exceptions may apply. Moreover, warrantees are not transferable. This means that if you sell your property, the new owner is not covered.

More important than the warranty is the quality of the methods and products we use. House owners who wish to paint their property to sell it for a higher price won’t be looking for long-term quality, so they will save money on the products, but the durability won’t be the best possible and no extended warranty will be available. At FinDecor, we adapt to all types of clients.

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