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Stucco Façade Painting

Stucco Sidings Painting Ile Bizard

During Summer 2014, FinDecor’s professional painters did a painting project on an acrylic exterior siding that had a stucco finish. It’s a modern kind of stucco manufactured by Adex.

How to paint stucco?

For exterior painting, we recommend pressure washing before applying the paint, just like for any other exterior painting project.

Before applying the paint, we did proceed to minor renovations on the front wall of the building. The problem was caused by an amateur who did touch-up with plaster over the acrylic surface, which looked weird.

Thus, to improve the appearance of the exterior siding before painting it, (without exceeding the client’ small budget) we had to scratch, sandblast and perforate the surface. Then we did apply a spot-prime containing silica so that the aspect of the surface would be porous like sand again.

We could have make disappear completely the plaster, but this option was too expensive for tenants. Yet, the result is satisfying, and at a distance of a couple of meters, the acrylic-stucco surface does not look at all damaged.

To bring this paint project to fruition, we used a premium quality 100% acrylic paint from Benjamin Moore. Applying a 100% acrylic paint on an acrylic siding is the perfect combination! This paint can resist during many years, (maybe 20 or even 30), depending on the climatic changes. We offered a 15 year warranty to the client.

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