A new lift for exterior painting

Starting the exterior painting season with a new lift to give a new look to your sidings

We are happy to announce you that FinDecor has recently purchased a second lift in order to serve better painting projects at heights and to offer a more affordable, efficient and safe service outdoors.

Advantages of the new lift and plus-value for your various painting projects of exterior sidings at heights

The purchase of this new 2-motors electrical elevation technology allows us to offer additional advantages to our clients. Let’s mention that we now can:

  • Offer a competitive rate

We can now offer you a lower rate (for a project) than if we were renting another lift from another company. Indeed, before, we often had to rent lift to help our clients with the painting of high buildings. This solution brought huge fees to the client’s bill, as we were depending on the rental fees of others. This won’t be the case anymore.

  • Paint faster at heights

We can now paint cornices, sidings, company signs, lintels and dormers in less time with this time-saving equipment — which we never would have rented because of the clients’ lack of budget (fees at rental centers are huge for this type of equipment).

  • Paint higher buildings

Our new lift, the Haulotte 55XA, allows us to climb easily up to a height of 61 feet. As the other lift that we had only allowed us to climb at 40 feet, (you can see it here), we are now more efficient than before for painting projects at heights such as large warehouse sidings.

  • Paint those surfaces safely

This is good for you and for us for a whole bunch of reasons!

  • Work in silence

The electrical option of our hydraulic lift is the eighth wonder of the world! It’s soft for our ears and it spares the zen attitude of your painters, your neighbours and yourself! WOW! Everyone is less tired and in a better mood at the end of the day.

  • Move sideways more easily

Thanks to our ‟giraffe”, we can paint your walls quickly without touching your earthwork or stairs. We even float above your flowers and trees!

  • Avoid unnecessary delays

In the past, lift rentals sometimes created delays, because we had to make a reservation several days ahead, and even more during summer, our big season. We don’t have this problem anymore. Plus, our new lift is kept in West Island, where we find most of our jobs.

  • Increase or productivity

If needed, we have the option of using several lifts simultaneously in order to complete a job faster. This is particularly appreciated in companies with large-scale projects who want to minimize the impact of the work on the clientele traffic on their premises.

Call our pros for exterior painting

Our company’s constant growth and our clients’ trust allow us to enjoy a great reputation in the building painting industry in Montreal and to make acquisitions which will help us offer quality services to even more clients. Be assured that our painters are exterior painting experts and they will do everything to fulfill your needs and desires and go beyond your expectations. Call us now!