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High Rise Painting

Exterior sidings, elements located high, architectural beauty elements and more

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Painting at heights


We call painting at heights any painting project which requires elevation equipment (ladder, scaffold, lift, elevating platform). Amongst these, let’s mention the painting of :

  • cornices
  • lintels
  • company signs
  • steles
  • logos
  • lamp posts

We also see a lot of wall coverings that are very high. It’s thus imperative to know the safety standards and regulations governed by the CSST and to follow Health and Safety courses to paint safely, especially for painting at heights. Driving classes for the boom lift (commonly called giraffe) are mandatory to work with us and safety comes first, which also protects YOU!


We give to exterior painting the definition of painting surfaces which are exposed to climatic conditions such as rain, snow, sun and humidity. Several types of surfaces and architectural elements deserve our intervention. Thus, we offer you to paint:

  • cornices
  • awnings
  • parapets
  • hard tops
  • window and door frames
  • shutters
  • lintels
  • all types of wall coverings

The walls we paint are made of iron, brick, PVC, wood, concrete, aluminum, steel and others.

Exterior painting tasks require a mastering of the different painting techniques particularly with the spray gun and sometimes the anticorrosion treatment. We may have to perform little repairs on damaged surfaces or to replace them. A building painter who works outside must also know on the tips of his fingers a whole bunch of products specially conceived to resist changing climatic conditions of Montreal and of other regions of the province of Quebec; that is what you get with us.

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Commercial signs painting services

Company sign painting generally requires elevation equipment (lift or elevation platform) and the mastering of various exterior painting techniques. As the company signs are made of different materials, the painter charged of this task must know which products to use to paint on wood, PVC and metal One has to use the right coatings — the ones adapted to the client’s needs.


The importance of painting your company signs

The company sign and logo of a given business are integral components of its brand image. It is thus essential we do a proper maintenance (paint them regularly, replace missing letters, keep clean) so to inspire the public’s trust and fair recognition.

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Lintel painting service

Lintels are an essential element of the architecture and part of the structure of all buildings. However, they are still little known of the general population. They are actually pieces of metal installed in the superior part of the openings (windows and doors) in building walls made of masonry. They are used to disperse the weight away from the opening. We recommend that you verify your lintels’ condition each 5 years or so.

Obviously, the climatic conditions will have a big impact on their durability. However, it is always less expensive to ask a professional to make an inspection instead of waiting that the damage is too advanced. When it is too late and the lintel is really weakened, the correction costs are literally astronomic because we then need to undo the masonry to repair the wall, lintel and door and window.


The importance of lintel maintenance

Neglecting to do the maintenance of one’s lintels can be extremely dangerous. Indeed, as the lintels support the weight of a building’s façade, a weakness in the lintel can cause collapsing of your wall in the mid-term. This is explained by the fact that the water will infiltrate, and during frost, will turn to ice which will make your external wall break sooner or later. If you don’t know when was the last time someone checked your lintels, it may be time to repair or change them. We estimate that from 65% to 80% of Montreal lintels are in bad condition.

To know if your lintels are in good condition, you only have to examine them. As they are made of steel, they are probably dotted with rust. In our opinion, builders did a sloppy job on the territory, and they have been doing so for a long time, meaning they delivered lintels with a gray or red oxide primer while they should have added a protective coating to make the lintels weather-resistant. If your lintels have a brick color (red oxide) a mate finish, and are dotted with rust, you are part of the thousands of Montreal inhabitants who have a similar problem. To avoid problems and headaches, ask a professional to do the maintenance

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Outdoor lighting painting service

Outdoor lighting painting is done with an industrial paint conceived for an exterior use and harsh winters. Extremely adherent, this product resists to the freeze-thaw cycles and changing climatic conditions we suffer everywhere in the province of Quebec. Your lamp posts are rusty? No problem, we will suggest an alternative rustproof treatment to correct it.

Specialized equipment to paint at heights

Jus like for any other painting at heights work, lamp post painting requires specialized equipment and safe practice in order to avoid falls. We use 2 lifts and we take care of transport by ourselves, which allows for the lowest possible costs.

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Cornice painting services in Montreal

There are countless cornices in Montreal, but unfortunately, they are not all well-maintained. No matter if they are made of wood or metal, cornices are part of the architectural heritage of a building plus they add character and an esthetical value to any building. That is, of course, when it is regularly repainted!


Safety standards for painting at heights

As they are located high up, cornices require elevation equipment to be repaired and painted. CSST demands that a safety harness and construction helmet to paint any cornice. Obviously, using an elevation platform is strongly recommended for this kind of project as it diminishes greatly the risk of fall and injury. Let’s remember it is mandatory to follow an accredited course to operate a vehicle that has an elevation platform and our painters did.

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All our painters are CCQ-certified and our company is RBQ-certified, which means we have high-quality standards and we are allowed to execute painting contracts on commercial, industrial and residential buildings (exterior only) everywhere in the province of Quebec, and we do so in the appropriate level of effort.


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