Safety rules for painting at heights

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As you know, exterior painting projects require a great deal of vigilance, caution and the application of strict rules in order to be done in a safe manner. Here are the main standards to follow to ensure a smooth execution.

Wearing a helmet

In the Construction Industry, wearing a protective helmet is mandatory for some types of work in order to prevent injuries such as concussions due to falling objects. When it’s very windy or when electrostatic painting we strongly recommend to also wear safety glasses.

Wearing a harness

Obviously, the safety harness is essential for professional painters just like for any construction worker who finds himself above ground level. This regulation allows us to avoid deadly falls. The harness must always be clean and free of stains. During a CCQ officer inspection, painters who don’t comply will have to pay a fine.

Having a foreman

The foreman is the supervisor of all painting operations. He must always be present on the site and make sure safety regulations are applied. He checks that all the workers use all the necessary protection materials, have good postures to avoid injuries, are well attached to climb, that the power is cut for the wires too close, etc. Not only does the foreman take care of the painters’ well-being, he also ensures the bystanders and the inhabitants are safe. If necessary, he will close the sidewalk and street so no falling objects could accidentally hurt a pedestrian or a car passing nearby. Normally, a foreman has at least ten years of experience. At FinDecor’s, he has more than the double.

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Elevation equipment

Owing modern elevation equipment not only increases productivity, but it also allows to reduce the fatigue and the number of accidents. Indeed, ladders and scaffoldings are less stable, which means they are riskier. This is why we prefer using the lift or elevating platform.

The lift, commonly called the « giraffe », is useful mainly for small projects such as cornice, dormer, logo or awning painting.

The elevation platform, or scissors lift, is mainly used to paint large surfaces and big buildings.

The complete inspection of the lift and platform is done daily by the foreman.

Health and Safety Training Courses

CSST training courses are mandatory for all construction working, including house painters. Let’s not forget that it’s also necessary to successfully complete theoretical and practical courses before being authorized to operate a lift. At Findecor’s, there’s always at least one (but often two or three) painters on the site who had their accreditation, meaning they can easily paint exterior buildings.

You have a painting at heights project? Ask FinDecor.

Our building painters are both versatile and skillful. They master the different exterior painting techniques and always respect the recommended standards to work safely which guarantees your peace of mind.

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