Reducing greenhouse gas emissions: go green!

According to Statistics Canada, construction sector is responsible for 12% of greenhouse gases emissions in the country. As we know, greenhouse gases cause global warming and have disastrous effects for the fauna and the flora, so it is our duty to take action. But what can we do to preserve the environment? We can’t stop creating buildings and painting them. However, it is possible to choose green materials and paints.

Green paint solutions

In the province of Quebec, we can find organic eco-friendly paints which residues are compostable. However, these solutions don’t seem to be compatibles for all types of surfaces neither for an exterior usage. This is why the majority of construction painters in Montréal (Quebec) use synthetic paints labeled VOC-free or low VOC.

Careful: this does not mean that those paints are entirely green: actually, a product that is low in VOC still contains traces of harmful chemical products. Paint colorants also contains VOCs. However, these solutions are far superior to the old paints we used 20 years ago!

Where to find eco-friendly or VOC-free paints?

Nowadays, all the paint manufacturers who sell their products in Canada offer low-VOC or VOC-free paints. Be it Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or Sico, trust what is on the label. When not sure, do not hesitate to ask for advice to the clerk! Contrary to the popular belief, VOC-free paints can be just as durable as traditional paints.

Where to find recycled paint?

Not only is the recycled paint good for the environment, it’s also great for your wallet! Indeed, a lot of paint products made with paint leftovers are sold for 50% less.

Recycled paint can be bought at Boomerang stores. For the organic paint, visit Tockay.

To know where to bring you paint leftovers to have them recycled, we suggest you to read our article Earth Day: time to recycle your paint!


Please note that some plants have the ability to filter VOCs contained in the different paint products. To learn more, please read this article.

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Dave Beaupré