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Painting a U-Haul Warehouse

Painting a U-Haul Warehouse

Last September, Findecor’s team of professional painters brought to complete a major project in Montreal: the commercial painting of the exterior metal sidings of a U-Haul warehouse.

People ask me how our painters were able to bring to fruition this huge mandate.

Complexity of the Project

At first sight, the project seemed very complicated. The building to be painted had a surface area of 45,000 square feet. The warehouse is 65 feet high and approximately 240 feet in length.

The client needed us to paint the exterior sidings, which is made of currugated metal siding. He also asked us to draw a diamond pattern on 3 of the metal walls. We also had to paint another wall with different colors, 40 garage doors, two stairs, and the 2 company signs.

In all, there were 9 different paint colors. 2 colors for the diamonds, 2 other colors for the stairs, 2 more colors for the company’s signs, one color for the garage doors, and finally 2 colors for the fourth wall.

Techniques Used

Four painters worked with 3 rented scissors lifts to achieve the exterior siding painting of this large warehouse. Because of the height of the building, the main problem was the wind. While our painters were working, the wind was blowing at a speed of up to 80km/h. Sometimes, it was better for our painters to climb down. To make the best of it, we worked very early in the morning, because from 4AM until 10AM, the wind is weaker.

We started by pressure washing the whole exterior surface. It took us only one day. Pressure washing is essential for most of painting at heights projects, as it increases the surface’s adherence by removing all impurities. The paint will thus be more durable after a pressure washing.

We used spraypainting. This technique is often the best option for exterior painting mandates as it offers the double advantage to be both quick and to offer a great finish. Our painters are all used to using a spraypainting gun, and they know have to manipulate it so they don’t make drips.

The garage doors painting took 3 painters one day of work. They simply applied two coats of red paint with a spray painting gun.

What about the diamond pattern? Well, a good master-painter can’t reveal all his secrets! Obviously, the corrugated metal surface made the whole edging work more complex. Let’s just say that our 4 painters did a great team work, using 3 lifts at the same time.

Used Products

For the painting of this corrugated metal, we used High Performance Acrylic paints from Sherwin Williams.

The Customer satisfaction

As we performed a high-quality work and managed to complete the project within the time that we were given, our client is very satisfied. We succeeded in doing this huge commercial painting mandate in only two weeks.

No matter the complexity of your painting project, no matter the challenge you have for us, we will know how to use the proper tools and techniques to bring to fruition your painting project. Your satisfaction is our pride!

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