Pressure washing before painting: why is it important?

Pressure Washing Services Sherbrooke

Pressure washing is a crucial step of the exterior painting process on any building. Our team of building painters of Montreal uses this technique before painting a building because it presents various advantages.

Power washing before painting advantages can be divided into 2 categories: reducing the time needed and increasing the quality of the painting job.

Pressure washing helps the painters save time

Using a pressure washing tool instead of the traditional method for sanding and scraping allows the painters to have a productivity 50 times greater for this step. Of course, the cost for the rental of a pressure washing tool may be expensive, but think about the time you will save!

Pressure washing gives a high-quality finish

Indeed, when we take the time to remove the old paint completely, the new paint will stick onto the surface more easily. On the contrary, when there is still peeling paint underneath the new paint coat, the new paint won’t adhere properly. Thus, the paint job durability will be increased.

We recommend pressure washing before the painting of any exterior surface: metal, PVC, wood, brick, stucco, concrete, etc. The pressure washer offers the option to adjust the pressure, which means that it’s possible to pressure wash a wooden surface without damaging it, and to use a greater pressure to scrape entirely metal sidings.

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Dave Beaupre

Master painter