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Aluminum siding painting, Beaconsfield

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July 13th 2018, our team of painters was hired to paint exterior sidings of a house and part of it was in aluminum.

Exterior painting project in Beaconsfield

The project consisted in painting aluminum cornices together with parts of the exterior walls that were made of aluminum on the façades of a Beaconsfield residence. As our company of painters offer free estimates in West island of Montreal, we had the pleasure to make a visit there to evaluate the work to be done.

Process to paint an aluminum siding

Here are the steps we followed to bring this project to fruition of aluminum painting.

  1. Evaluation First of all, during the evaluation we had to take a good look at the surface condition to detect the presence of dirt and take note of the other surface imperfections to resolve before applying the paint. Thus, we did go around the building, and we even climbed up the roof to make sure there would not be a corniche to replace, to repair, or nails to add.

  2. Surface preparation Once we made an agreement with the owner concerning the tasks to include in our work contract, we proceeded to surface preparation. This includes the repairs, the adding of nails and caulking, the cleaning done with a pressure washer in order to maximize the adhesion of an exterior surface. Indeed, the sand, dust and other impurities reduce the durability of the paint coat, this is why we always take time to wash thoroughly the surface before applying paint.

  3. Gathering the material and installing elevation equipment Then, FinDecor chose and purchased the appropriate paint products, just as it had been indicated in the agreement with the owner.

We had to install all our elevation equipment safely. We sometimes have to block a part of the sidewalk or even the street before installing scaffoldings or lifts. In this case, FinDecor has to ask the City a permit to install orange cones to warn to pedestrians and car drivers. For this particular project, we also had the option of using a balcony to paint part of the cornice. Safety is an extremely important aspect of our paint jobs and our company respects all the CCQ standards regarding safety, including wearing helmets and safety harnesses when required.

  1. Applying primer and paint After having gathered all our material and installed our elevation equipment, we were ready to apply primer and paint. For this exterior painting project, FinDecor chose to use spray guns for their efficiency and the uniformity and outstanding appearance of the finish coat it gives. As you can see on our pictures, we applied blue paint on the cornice using spray guns.

  2. Touch-ups The foreman, who is always present on the site, verifies the quality of the work the painters have done and indicates them if touch-ups are needed and where. He ensures the building’s final appearance is professional to guarantee the client’s satisfaction.

  3. The final result At FinDecor’s, we always invite the owner to check our work quality and to let us know if he sees imperfections, in which case we will do touch-ups quickly. However, in most cases, not only there is none touch-up to do, but our work exceeds the client’s expectations!


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