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Small shop and shopping center painting


Painting a store: how to do it?

Before signing the agreement, our clients always ask us questions on our store painting methods. Here’s how we proceed to paint big and small rental commercial spaces.

Interior painting of a small clothes shop

  1. Space preparation Obviously, we need to prepare the space before installing our material to paint. If we want to paint the whole space, that means we need to either empty completely the small shop, or gather all the objects in the center of the room and cover them using a painter’s drop cloth to protect them. Often, clients do themselves the main part of the space preparation so to reduce the labour cost. If needed, we also remove the lights, posters, electrical outlets and doors to be able to paint properly the ceilings, walls, moldings, door and window frames.
  2. Surface preparation Preparing the surface to be painted means to make it apt to receive paint: filling the holes, sanding the irregularities and sealing the stains by performing touch-ups on the damaged areas. This helps obtaining a smooth surface with an increased adhesion.
  3. Primer Application Depending on the substrate’s condition, and the colour and type of the old paint, it’s sometimes necessary to apply a primer coat to ensure a durable adhesion.
  4. Paint coat application Depending on the dimensions of your commercial space, we choose either the brush and roller or the spray gun. The latter allows us to gain much time and it is efficient on large surfaces. However, it’s important to make sure there are no air flows and that all objects are adequately covered; otherwise, paint particles could stick to undesired places.
  5. Application of a second finish coat (if needed) Depending on the hiding power and color of the new paint, we could need two, or even three coats of paint. If we apply it using a spray gun, it’s generally possible to apply a unique coat having the ideal thickness for the project.

Interior Painting Of A Large Store

The required steps to paint a superstore are the same as for a small store. The difference is often that we have to paint while the superstore stays open, painting only a small section at a time, and being the most discreet possible so to not disturb the clients shopping experience. For some sections like the store entrance and the registers area, we have to paint outside the opening hours.
If the superstore has warehouse doors, it’s generally possible, (and preferable), to use our forklift to paint the ceilings and the upper part of the walls if they measure over six feet.

Do you have a small clothes shop or a superstore in need of a good brush stroke? We have what you need.

Since its establishment in 1998, the Montreal Painting Company FinDécor painted over 500 stores, mainly in West Island (of Montreal), Pointe-Claire, Beaconsfield, Dorval, Ville-Marie and Plateau Mont-Royal, but also in Anjou, Rosemont, Longueuil and even Laval. Our team has the necessary material and equipment and has been trained to answer all your painting requests. No project is too big or too ambitious for our painters! Make an appointment for an estimate at 514-966-0966 or write an email at We are looking forward to making your store nicer!

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