Commercial Painting Contractors: finding a competent team

Are you thinking about hiring a team of painters for your store, restaurant or offices? Here are a few tips to find reliable painters.

What does commercial paint mean ?

The commercial painting service is offered in order to restore the look of commercial offices, stores, law firms, dental clinics, large shopping centers, office towers, schools, hospitals, daycare centers and much more.

Since it is easier to paint an empty room without disturbing your teams, the experienced painters at Findécor are used to juggling the varying hours of different businesses. We are therefore available to carry out work outside of your opening hours. If it is not possible for you to store your furniture during painting, we also offer the possibility of covering it.

Regarding the commercial painting of daycares or child care services, we pay particular attention to the environment in which the children find themselves, which is why we gather the best knowledge and equipment in the industry so our painters can carry out the work safely.

RBQ license

In Quebec, construction painter companies must have a work license delivered from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec to sell painting services, on any type of building. This license warrantees that the painter in question did pass different exams and respects the industry provincial standards. You must know that a contractor that is getting paid for a painting service without owning an RBQ license is working illegally, even if he gives you a receipt.
You are not sure if your contractor has his license? You can verify here.

CCQ card

A commercial building painter must have a valid Commission de la Construction du Québec (CCQ) card. (Note: having your CCQ card is not mandatory for residential painters working in Montreal and Quebec city.) This card indicates that he was supervised by a certified painter during numerous weeks in order to learn the good techniques and to improve his or her skills.

Adequate equipment

A good indicator to evaluate the level of experience and professionalism of a team of painters is observing their equipment. A painter who does not own adequate safe work equipment for a specific project might be a beginner. During the evaluation, ask if the company has its own lift for a project at heights, a pressure washer for cleaning exterior walls, and spray guns for painting.

peinture commerciale

What are the advantages of hiring professionals for commercial painting services?

Findécor’s master painters have the knowledge, skills and equipment necessary for the proper execution of your commercial painting work. We are professional, fast and efficient.

Since commercial painting jobs usually take several hours, it requires good physical fitness and a lot of stamina. In addition, as some businesses have a large area, you must be able to count on a reliable team who will carry out the work on time. Thanks to the equipment we work with, we even have access to the most difficult to reach places. Everything you need to ensure a job well done every time!

Finally, the work carried out by our teams provides you with added value through the choice of materials and paints, the quality of the work as well as the value of the building.

Answers to your questions

During the evaluation, a good painter should be able to give suggestions as for the type of paint that would be best and explain the reasons why it’s the best solution for your project. He should also tell you if, for example, you need a primer, pressure wash, stripping, etc.

An experienced commercial painter is normally used to doing drywall, sanding surfaces, caulking or replacing nails and damaged parts. Moreover, a commercial painter who has a few years of experience with a good reputation should also be able to refer you to other professionals if needed: electrician, plumber, carpenter, etc.

References for prior clients

Ask the painter to give you references of anterior clients. Dare to call those and inquire if they were entirely satisfied with the services received. A trustworthy painter is able to give several references without hesitation.

Your instinct

Last advice, but not the last: trust your instinct. If you talk to a painter to ask about his or her rates and you have the impression you can’t trust him, by all means, don’t hire him! The first impression is often a good one.

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How much does commercial painting cost?

Carrying out commercial painting jobs within your company allows you to rejuvenate and update the look of your premises. As these generally consist of several small and large premises, or even large spaces, it is necessary to call on a team of professionals such as Findécor to carry out this large-scale work.

As many elements come into play and have a direct impact on the cost of the job, we advise you to contact us to obtain a quote that is representative of reality. Factors such as the size of the premises, the labor and materials required as well as the specifics of the project will have an influence on the estimate that will be presented to you.

To obtain quality results by a team that pays attention to detail, call on Findécor painters now to carry out your commercial painting work.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial painting?

After painting, you will not see any difference between commercial painting and industrial painting. Your building will be painted and will have a whole new look! However, the main difference between these two types of painting jobs is the extent of the work to be done, the people who circulate there, and the materials used.

Commercial paint is generally available for large spaces such as shopping malls, hospitals, and schools. On the other hand, it is also used for

  • professional firms
  • clinics offices
  • etc.

Commercial painting processes are designed to ensure environmental health, since the places where this type of work is done are usually visited by many customers every day.

Industrial painting is offered for very large spaces such as factories, manufacturers or warehouses. In this type of job, there is a concern for the preservation of materials such as metals, and is generally not visited by customers. The paint applied therefore acts as protection against bad weather, rust or other elements that may put the materials of the structure at risk. The industrial paint that is applied then increases the durability of the materials.

Are you looking for a team of reliable painters? You can stop looking!

FinDecor’s company of construction painters does own an RBQ license, and each of our painters does have his CCQ card. Our painters have over 21 years of experience, which means they can answer all of your questions in regards to paint, and they own state-of-the-art equipment to answer all of your needs for commercial and industrial painting projects. We offer free paint estimates in West Island, Pointe-Claire, on the Plateau Mont-Royal and almost little everywhere on Montreal’s Island.

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