Painting trade offices

peinture bureaux commerciaux

Fall is just around the corner and FinDecor’s team of construction painters, working mainly in Pointe-Claire, Baie-d’Urfé and in the West of Montreal, is preparing to paint numerous trade offices. Here’s how we generally proceed for this type of project.

Work schedule

As we know your work schedule is busy and closing your doors for several days could mean losing important profit, we offer business leaders availabilities at nights and weekends.

However, our team is often able to work during your opening hours. In order to do so, we try to be the more silent possible. We know you need to focus on what you do best, so we stay discreet.

We also consult the owner or business leader to discuss how we can better accommodate. For instance, if there is a conference room to be painted, we ask if there’s one day when it won’t be needed, and we will paint at that moment. For other offices, we take advantage of the employee’s absence or vacations so we don’t disturb.

peinture- bureaux commerciaux

Odourless VOC-free products

As we know that paint smell can give people headaches and that chemical products can damage your health, especially for those suffering from asthma, we use, in most cases, VOC-free products which smell little or not at all. This way, your employees and clients won’t be inconvenienced.

peinture bureaux commerciaux

Tips to reduce the painting time

Obviously, it’s faster to paint a room that is completely empty. However, to reduce the time of painting without emptying a room and without sacrificing quality, FinDecor has some tricks up his sleeve.

Having dozens of painters on a site would be inefficient, we learned that from experience. Instead, we elaborate a strategic and detailed plan before starting surface preparation. Each employee has a precise task and knows how to accomplish it perfectly. Let’s mention that our painters have a great team spirit and the key: they communicate well.

Moreover, the foreman supervises the site, makes sure the techniques are safe to avoid injuries and damages to the building (which would cause a significant delay), the quality is optimal, the plan is followed exactly, the painters have enough paint and their equipment is in good condition. All of that contributes to respecting the calendar that was previously discussed with the client.

peinture bureaux commerciaux

Reducing drying time

When possible, we chose fast-dry paints. We also use several fans between the coats and after the final coat. It’s sometimes possible to open the windows to ventilate, but depending on the climate conditions this is not always a good solution.

Need help to paint your trade offices?

If you are looking for painters to refresh your trade office, we have the team you need. Our painters’ numerous years of experience and our state-of-the-art technology allow your team to do an impeccable job in record time. We are used to working in business offices that stay open during the painting job, so we know how to be discreet. We also offer warranties on our services. To learn more, contact us now!

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Master painter


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