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Painting the curtain wall of a condo building

Curtain Wall Painting Montreal

At the beginning of August 2015, FinDecor’s team of professional painters painted the Square de la Noue condominium association building, which is located at île des Sœurs, South from Montreal’s island.

This building is six stories high. The façade is a curtain wall. The windows are held together thanks to an aluminum structure. It’s good to know that aluminum never rusts. It can be painted, and the durability is of at least 30 years. The client wanted us to paint all the window frames on each exterior wall.

We started the project by doing a pressure washing and a manual scraping. This helps us stripping the surface properly to remove all the old paint and the dust accumulation.

Just like any other exterior painting project, we also checked the caulking condition and we replaced it in the spots where it was necessary.

Then, we took time to protect all the adjacent surfaces. We covered with kraft paper the windows and the wall parts that were next to the aluminum window frames. Thanks to this technique, our work was clean, and we finished on time.

We then choose a paint specially conceived for aluminum: the Benjamin Moore aura paint. We adjusted our spray guns to apply a coat of approximately 7 to 10 micrometers on the metal parts. We sanded a little to make sure the finish would be smooth, and then we applied a second coat of Aura paint.

As you can see it by looking at pictures of the project, this work was performed using an elevation platform that helped us being more efficient than if we had only used a very tall ladder. Moreover, this way of doing is very safe. To learn more, we suggest you to read Painting at heights and being safe.

The final inspection is an important step not to be neglected. We talk about it in details here. We performed a complete inspection before asking the client to have a look. This way, we made sure he was happy.

The whole project only took a few days with a team of 3 painters.

FinDecor also offers the service of replacing completely the windows and the metal structure. For more information on exterior painting, contact us.

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Dave Beaupre