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Painting of a large metal cornice

No matter if your cornice is made of metal or wood, it can be painted. Last week, FinDecor’s team of construction painters performed a painting job on a metal cornice on Sherbrooke Street, Montreal. The cornice’s surface was a little rusty. We did the paint job in several steps:

1- Inspection and maintenance (3 hours)

First, we proceeded to the inspection of the cornice. During this step, we removed the bird nests and the squirrels that were on the cornice and would have been interfering with our work. Then, we did a few reparations on the cornice. This means we filled up the holes and we replaced the damaged metal sheets.

2- Washing (1 day)

Then came the step of stripping, which took only one day thanks to our pressure washing machine that we adjusted so that it sprayed at a high-pressure of 1000 PSI. We never use any chemical product in this procedure because our specially conceived high-calibre tool allows us to remove the old paint easily and quickly. We use the technology to suit your needs: the pressure washing machine strips the paint off the metal 50 times faster than the traditional method!

3- Rust arrestor and protective coating (1 day)

We first spread on the surface the product Corotech V180, which is a rust arrestor sold by Benjamin Moore. We apply this rust arrestor (also called ‘rust converter’) everywhere, even where there is no rust as it not only transforms the rust into metal, but it also postpones the apparition of more rust.

Then we applied a Mastic Epoxy in the back and on top of the cornice. As this product costs 200$ per gallon, we only apply it where it’s necessary. It’s a 100% solid epoxy that is antirust and that protects the surface from extreme weather conditions in the long run. The 2-compounds epoxy coat (made of aliphathic urethane) is as thick as a cardboard box. It’s indeed an industrial product that is used amongst others in the painting of warehouses. We had to wait an entire day for the epoxy coat to dry and to harden completely. As the coat is thick, it takes much time.

4- Finishing paint (1 day)

We choose to then add one coat of Aura paint with a matte finish and an asphalt color, from Benjamin Moore. We then sanded the surface to make it nice and smooth, and we applied the last finish coat. The final look is really awesome!**


Not only is the result esthetic, but it’s also durable. Indeed, the life expectancy of this paint job goes beyond 30 years.

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