Painting a lamppost: safety first!

Painting a lamppost requires some precautions in order to ensure a safe work environment and thus eliminate the risk of accident and damage. Here is how our team of certified painters succeeds in painting a lamppost safely.

Health and safety training

Attending Health and Safety at Work classes is mandatory for a painter to be certified. These classes include, among others, information relating to:

  • Manipulating chemicals (paint removers, varnishes, stains, epoxies, high in VOCs paints) which present a danger of respiratory, skin irritation and eye corrosion problems
  • Preventing risks due to working at heights such as the fall of objects, machineries, and workers, collapsing of walls and roofs, the overcharge of elevation platforms, the reversal of ladders, harsh meteorological conditions, etc.
  • Preventing injuries due to bad work postures and inadequate use of tools
  • Organizing efficiently painting site

FinDecor professional painters all own their CCQ competency certificate and they all did attend the required courses in order to perform a safe work. Moreover, the foreman is always present on the site to supervise the work and make sure safety standards (wearing a safety harness and others) are respected.

Training courses to operate machinery and manipulate tools

Obviously, operating a lift or elevation platform requires concentration and dexterity. Each year in Quebec dozens of work accidents (downfalls, collisions) happen each year caused by a lack of attention or non-respect of safety standards. This risk may be avoided by attending specific classes to learn how to operate properly the type of equipment and by being careful. At FinDecor’s, a painter which has never used a lift is supervised by an experienced painter during a few weeks before working alone.

In addition to this, training courses are also required to learn how to use properly the spray paint gun. Our experienced painters give training to those who don’t master this important tool yet and they act as a coach to help them learn all they need to know regarding the safety aspect —beware of the great winds that could damage the buildings and your eyes! — and the aesthetics of the finish.

Managing car traffic

Normally, we don’t need to close completely the street or the parking before painting a lamppost. However, as a safety measure, we usually ask people to move away their cars in the parking, mostly to make sure that parts of metal taken away with a power-driven grinder when removing rust won’t damage the cars.

A liability insurance

To protect the cars and buildings nearby, we are covered with a liability insurance of two million. However, we never had to make an insurance claim in 20 years! This is proof that our team is very careful!

The best product

For any painting job, it’s essential to choose the proper product for the surface. To paint a metal lamppost, we prefer the two-compounds epoxy made by Corrotech, a Benjamin Moore’s industrial subsidiary.

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