Painting iron sidings

peinture revêtement fer

FinDecor’s team of professional painters in Montreal is often hired to paint iron walls during the hot season. Here is how we proceed to always deliver results that go beyond the expectations of our most demanding clients.

The ideal temperature for painting

First of all, it’s important to be aware that a high temperature could cause problems of lack of adhesion such as blistering or peeling. This is why it’s essential to look up the weather forecast before getting started on a new exterior painting project. Moreover, one must have a device which measures precisely the surface temperature de la surface, a crucial element to know before applying paint on metal. As metals are hotter than the ambient air in summer, there is a risk the paint would boil before drying, creating bubbles on the surface. To learn more about the influence of temperature on the result of a paint job and to get solutions, please visit When does exterior painting start?

What to do with rusted iron?

Obviously, before applying paint on an iron wall, you have to check the surface’s condition. In several cases of rust, iron sheets can be replaced with new ones. If the rust did not go through the surface, then it’s possible to treat it with a rust converter or rust annihilator, after brushing it which allows to surface to last longer. You will also have to think about applying rustproof paint.
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peinture revêtement de fer

Technique to paint an iron wall

Just like for most exterior painting jobs, we prefer using a sprayer for iron sidings. Even though it’s expensive, this tool is our favorite because it allows a smooth, uniform finish, together with the perfect coat thickness. However, be careful: it’s not futile to follow a practical training of several hours before knowing how to operate safely a paint sprayer. Hiring a professional painter could help you avoid unfortunate consequences!

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