Painting condos and office blocks

When it comes to interior painting, there are a lot of similarities between condo painting and commercial office block painting. As there are numerous office towers and condominium buildings in Montreal, FinDecor’s team of professional painters is often called upon for interior painting projects.

Work methods

In an ideal world, a construction painter would only paint empty rooms. When there are no obstacles between him and the surfaces (walls, ceilings and floors), the painter has a greater freedom of movement and a great productivity.

In real life, it sometimes is not possible to remove the furniture, be it by lack of room or by lack of people who can do it. In this case, don’t panic! FinDecor offers to move your belongings or to cover them, depending on which is preferable in your situation.

Work tools

Condo buildings painting and office towers painting are done with the same kind of tools. We prefer paint brushes and rollers for interior painting, and spray guns for exterior painting.

Products used

FinDecor’s team of professional painters prefer products which are the more durable possible and which offer a nice finish on the long term. However, we sometimes have to adapt to the client’s budget by proposing paints which are a bit less durable. Normally, we use the 100% acrylic Aura paint for interior painting, from Benjamin Moore.

The schedules

Condo painting, when the building is a new construction, is usually done during the day, before the furniture comes in. For those who already live inside their residence, it’s possible to cover your furniture and other belongings and to proceed to painting when it best for you.

When painting office towers, it’s often preferable to paint outside your office hours so to not interfere with your employee’s concentration with the unusual noises and paint smells (although FinDecor usually uses VOC-free products which don’t smell). In certain cases, our painters are available to work after 5PM, during the weekends, and even during the night.

However, it’s also possible to paint your premises during your work days: we will then arrange our schedule in consequence. For example, we will paint your conference room when you don’t need it, we will make sur to paint your bathrooms one at a time, etc.

You are a looking for a painter for your condo or office tower? Make an appointment now with construction painters who are specialized in large scale projects.


Dave Beaupre