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Painting a school in Outremont, Montreal

In July 2014, the team of painters from FinDecor painted a large cornice on a school located in Outremont, Montreal. Cornice painting is done in several steps.

  1. Be well-equipped

You must not only use a specially conceived exterior paint, but you also need to own some tools and specific equipment for painting a high cornice. The pressure washer is essential to remove dirt from the surface and ensure the paint’s adherence. The spray gun is recommended for any exterior painting project. Lifts and elevating platforms are necessary to perform exterior painting on 2-stories or higher buildings.

  1. Pressure washing

For any exterior painting job, it’s important to first clean the surface in depth. This helps to maximize the adherence and optimize the durability.

  1. Covering the adjacent surfaces

When you use a spray painting gun, it’s important to cover properly the adjacent surfaces that need not to be painted as the wind and the gravity could throw the paint particles outside the target surface. We protect those surfaces and objects thanks to a special paper sold in the paint retailers.


Depending on the project, we could choose to apply a coat of primer or go directly with the finish paint. Often, we opt for one coat of primer and 2 coats of paint.

  1. Sanding and scraping

It’s important to sand and scrape to properly strip the surface before applying primer or paint. Also, you must not forget to always sand between each coat of paint. This will contribute to giving a smooth finish and a nice look.

  1. Finish

The last finish coat is also applied with a spraypainting gun. We then do a complete close inspection. This step is done by both the painter’s team supervisor and the client. You must make sure that the new paint covers adequately the previous paint and that no spot was forgotten. We observe the last coat’s texture: it should be nice and smooth. If the paint peels, scrape it and repaint over it.

Of course, in some cases, you will also have to replace the broken parts or perform a whole anti-corrosion treatment to take out all the rust on the cornice.

I hope these few tips will be useful for the painting of your cornice. To ask for a free quote, make an appointment now.

Dave Beaupre