How to paint metal surfaces (Part 2)

How to paint metal surfaces (Part 2)

Galvanized metal painting

Galvanized metal is an alloy created to replace wrought iron. This solution does not rust, a priori. In reality, all materials do get corroded over time. Iron oxidizes and becomes brown, aluminum get corroded by acid with time, wood rots, and galvanized metal, after 40 years, does get rusty.

Not so long ago, all gutters were galvanized, but it was far from being the perfect material: let’s say it, it was ugly! People tried to be creative and painted their galvanized metal gutters, but they soon discovered that the paint did not adhere on it. Why? Because the alloy’s composition creates what is called zinc soap, which means a greasy film continuously reappears on the surface and nothing can stick to it. Being familiar with such problem, we clean the material with an industrial degreaser, and we then apply a specially conceived primer before adding the finish coat.

Galvanized metal is not commonly a large surface, however, FinDecor’s team often has to paint small quantities in large projects like on roofs flashing for example.

Wrought iron painting

Wrought iron painting is required mostly for emergency stairs and balcony banisters in condo units. FinDecor only takes one or two wrought iron painting projects per year, which means between 20 to 40 balconies in total. This painting job is one of the most difficult and less interesting for our painters.

FinDecor’s typical process is the following. Let’s note that all those preparation tasks apply also to the treatment of any kind of corrosion, rust, and on all types of sidings.

  • Passing the electrical grinder on all the surface
  • Manual scraping in nooks and crannies and passing a file or a steel brush
  • Air blowing to remove all dust
  • Using a rust inhibitor or converter depending on your budget
  • Applying two coats of rust inhibitor alkyd finish while buffing between the coats
  • Cleaning and inspection for final touch up
  • Optionally, adding a third coat on the stairs to ensure greater resistance to the salt, shovel strokes, and foot traffic.

In short, this turnkey service typically costs $650.00 + taxes per balcony and $1300.00 + taxes for a one-story stair.

Roof terrace painting

Many people still call roof terrace steeldecks. A roof terrace is the typical ceiling we see in Wal-Mart, several restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in Montreal. They are characterized by a corrugated iron ceiling, an apparent iron joist that is often interlaced with ventilation ducts. They give an industrial or loft look at the room. It is a horizontal iron covering and it’s normally not rusty. In other words, it can be painted easily, without preparation.

We normally paint roof terraces using dryfall. This paint dries before it falls on the floor, so the powder can be cleaned up using simply a broom, when needed. Its cost is also very competitive.

Dave Beaupre