How to paint a cornice?

How to paint a cornice?

How to perform cornice painting on a 3-stories building? We often have to deal with this kind of project. For the painting of a cornice, it’s important to know how to apply a few painting at heights and exterior painting techniques. The method chosen by the house painter varies also depending on the type of surface: wood, galvanized metal, corrugated steel, or another material.


Several specialized tools are to be preferred when cornice painting. As for any other painting at heights project, be it roof, dormers, soffits or cornice painting, one is always better equipped with a basket-lift or a platform lift. Used together with a safety harness, the platform lift is a safe and efficient method. He who says efficiency says possible money saving!

The pressure washing tool is indispensable to clean properly exterior surfaces, be it made of aluminum, iron, wood, PVC or other.

We are equipped with elevation vehicles and our clients often save on the rental fees.

Steps not to be forgotten

As for all exterior painting tasks, we must first clean thoroughly the surface to maximize its adherence. Indeed, the paint won’t stick easily on a greasy or dusty wall, even if we first apply primer. Having a clean surface increases the durability of the paint, and improves the look of the finish. Just like cleaning the dishes is more efficient with hot water, we first clean the surface using very hot water to remove all grease. Plus the degreaser we use is eco-friendly.


It’s essential for the house painter to adopt safe measures throughout the whole painting at heights project. For the painting of a cornice, our painters always use a safety harness, the use a lift to climb up (which is safer than a ladder), and they did previously follow a lift driving course, a mandatory course given by the CSST.

High-quality work

The first goal of FinDecor is doing quality work, and this is how we beat the competition year after year. The key of success, to remove dirt (dust, peeling paint, oil, etc.) is using premium products and applying them according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. If one element is missing, the quality of the project will be compromised. For an exterior painting at heights project, it would be stupid and expensive to try to save 10% of the total cost by choosing a cheap and less durable paint.

To learn more about the painting techniques we use, visit our Expert Zone.

Dave Beaupre