Logo painting : it takes a specialist!

peinture de logos

Logo and company signs painting is a specialization that only a few commercial painters offer. But logos and company signs are made of the same materials as the exterior sidings. Thus, they can be painted without any problem. Here are the steps to follow.

Gather all the necessary material

The first step consists of gathering all the required materials and equipment to paint the sign. In most cases, we need elevation equipment such as a lift together with protection measures such as a safety harness and construction helmet.
Depending on the type and condition of the substrate, we could need a pressure washer, a scraper, sanding paper or even a powered grinder to clean the surface. Paint application on an exterior surface is often done using a paint sprayer, but the roller and brush could also be appropriate. Let’s not forget the protective canvases and the painter’s tape to properly hide all areas that must not be touched. Obviously, we have to identify correctly the substrate in order to choose the appropriate product. In some cases, the use of a primer or specialized coating is essential.

Prepare the surface

We call ‘’surface preparation’’ all the tasks that allow us to make the surface able to receive paint without peeling. In other words, we put all the chances on our side for the new paint to stick on the long term.
To do so, we must sand the rough or glossy surfaces, remove the rust, replace damaged parts, clean the mold, sand and dirt, and remove any oil or grease.

Apply the paint

There is a specific product for each substrate. Obviously, if your logo is made of metal, we won’t apply a type of paint designed for vinyl. The method chosen (spray gun, or brush and roller) also depends on the type of paint, the dimensions of the piece, and the weather conditions. Spray gun painting method is preferred when there is no wind and the surface is pretty big. In the contrary, we prefer the traditional method. We must also exercise caution with the heat and avoid painting when the temperature is too high or too low.

peinture de logos

Your company sign needs paint?

FinDecor’s commercial painters are logo painting experts. We did, among others, paint the new logo of Pointe-Claire on their Water Tower on a steel substrate as well as the painting of the logo and company sign for Artemano on a acrylic stucco substrate in the Quartier Dix30. Call us now to get a free estimate at 514-966-0966. See you soon!

Dave Beaupre

Master painter


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