Large surface painting


Large surface painting characteristics

Team work

Painting large commercial buildings asks for a team of several experienced painters and a very good site management. Clear communication in the team is also a key element for the project to progress well.

Specialized Tools For Surface Preparation

FinDecor’s painters have equipment which allows them to offer high-quality services with an impeccable finish in a record time. For surface preparation, we use an electric grinder to sand metal and wood, plus a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the surface and ensure optimal adhesion. Obviously, performing those tasks manually —with sandpaper and a rag— would not be time-efficient for the painters. Also, as they sell their services hourly, it’s advantageous for the client to be well-equipped!

Spray Gun

The spray gun in an incredible invention. It’s our first choice for large surface painting as it allows us to get smooth and even results in no time. This specialized tool asks for a few dozens of hours of training to learn to handle it properly. We can use it with different products as it’s possible to adjust the desired coat thickness.

Optimal Techniques

In order to be efficient, our painters need to use tested techniques. They make sure they adopt the best postures to avoid muscular pains caused by repetitive movements. This way, work progresses at a constant speed and without incidents.

Best Durable Products

Large surfaces are often found outside. It’s good to know that specialized products can increase the lifetime of exterior surfaces. their characteristics include resistance to bad weather, to mold and an optimal adhesion. Obviously, different types of surface (metal, brick, wood, etc.) require different products. An experienced painter knows the best solution to each problem. Using premium products may seem expensive; however, on the long-term, it’s the most advantageous option given the lifetime of a high-quality product is 2 to 3 times longer than with a popular product. Don’t forget that premium paint products usually come with a 10 years warranty.

Safe Elevation Platforms And Lifts

Large surfaces often are many stories high. In this case, we use lifts or elevation platforms to increase our productivity and decreases the risk of incident. Obviously, our painters who operate elevation equipment followed the required training courses, they are secured with a safety harness and they wear their protection helmet when necessary.

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