Lamppost painting: tips to make them last longer

Because lampposts are tall and exposed to the most extreme climatic conditions throughout the year, the painting coat on a lamppost can have a very limited lifetime or loose its sheen. However, knowing a few tips could allow you to increase its durability and to eliminate the need to repaint each year.

Choosing an exterior paint

Selecting the right paint could seem complicated, but it’s not so when you ask yourself the right questions. You must first consider the materials which constitute the structure of the lamppost you wish to paint.

This will help you make the right choice so the paint is resistant to bad weather, its color won’t fade with the sun and to avoid drying problems such as peeling. For a surface located outdoors like for a lamppost, we also recommend to choose a high-quality paint even though this is more expensive. You will thus get a better result and increased durability.

Preparing the surface

Before painting an exterior lamppost, the surface must be thoroughly prepared. Just as for interior painting, preparing the surface is the key for exterior painting success. All corrosion and anterior paint coats must be removed, if needed using different mechanical techniques (electrical sanding for example) and chemical techniques (rust inhibitor and other products).

Applying a primer coat

Applying a primer coat will protect both the lamppost surface and the paint that will be applied afterwards. The primer also enhances the paint’s adhesion. This undercoat allows a superior adhesion and paint’s lifetime because it makes the surface waterproof, smooth and even. Different kinds of primers can also be used as an antirust coat and reduce the needed amount of paint so its cost-efficient. You have to wait for the primer coat to be entirely dried before starting applying paint. This first paint coat should be smooth with no marks.

Painting a lamppost

Because painting a lamppost can be a long difficult task for an individual, a municipality or a company, we always recommend to hire a professional painter for this type of job. Thanks to safe equipment adapted to painting at heights, a professional painter ensures a satisfying result as well as an even, esthetic and durable finish. Indeed, this task can be difficult and complex for an amateur. Well done lamppost paint will last 4 or 5 years depending on the climatic conditions.